Executive Director of Aids Foundation, Mr. Bonnet Emmanuel, has called on the Federal Government to re-evaluate and redesign intervention programmes and agencies like Industrial Training Fund, ITF, National Directorate of Employment, NDE, National Poverty Eradication Programme, NAPEP, to meet needs of unemployed persons.
Mr Emmanuel, who stated this during a stakeholders’ forum organised by the Aids Foundation, said redesigning of such programmes should be done in a way that it will have to show value for money, take unemployed youth off the streets, and reduce number of unemployed.
At the programme was supported by the Nigerian Stability and Reconciliation Programme, he frowned at large amount of money government spent on address the unemployment and lamented that it has yielded very little result.
“ITF just told us that they trained 2 million people every year it is doubtful because there is no physical evidence to that effect. So, if 100 million is number of young people that we have in Nigeria, if they trained for only 2 million persons in 10 years, that means they have trained about 40 million persons, yet the ITF has been in existence since 1971.
“I think government should redesign ITF for them to meet the target. The redesign will be such that it will show value for money. If people are so trained, then we should see people off the streets and gainfully engaged.
“If unemployment is increasing, programmes like ITF, NDE and NAPEP will need to be re-evaluated. I think it is about time that the government calls for a huge stakeholders’ re-evaluation of different government programmes.
“Most of the government programmes, as I speak with you today, money is been doled out and people are been trained but it is not affecting or impacting on the communities because there still lots of unemployed youths out there,” he said even as he questioned the criteria for selecting the beneficiaries of such training.
He said there is a partnership between the Kaduna state government and NSRP to develop a blueprint on how to create employment and empower youths by taking their desires into consideration.
“We believe that government in Kaduna state and Nigeria have been doing thing on adhoc basis, pay as you go. If you wake up today and you feel government should have keke napep, you will buy it.
“Gracefully, there is a partnership between the NSRP and Kaduna State government in which we are piloting that has signed an MoU with Kaduna State government. And there is a technical committee to work towards that with the meeting coming up next Thursday after which the blueprint will emanate.
“The technical committee include most of the major ministries such as Ministry of Economic Planning, Finance, Women Affairs, Commerce and Industry, ITF, the special advisers, Bureau for Public Service Reform, BPSR and Aids Foundation which is the anchor in the programme.
“We will all look at government programmes, what has been working and how has not been working well. And there are other activities that we want to also approve the implementation for the work plan and see how it’s going to evolve from there.
“Today’s programme is a forum we put together to meet what we called the demand and supply side of the people living in Kaduna state and the government side (supply). We brought them together to face each other, interact and understand each other because everybody has responsibilities.
“It is a day they understand each other and what is expected of them and what they can do henceforth to be able to move Kaduna State forward especially as it affects youth employment and empowerment programmes,” he however said.

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