President Buhari
President Buhari

In truth health challenges are issues one cannot fathom. In life any one can get sick, no matter the age or position. As president of a country or as the least citizen in any given community, state or country, ill health or being unwell is no respecter of persons or position. It is a human and natural occurrence that is unavoidable, like death. But when it occurs, frantic efforts are deployed to bring wellness or get the person back on his feet. Being sick can make one uncomfortable and incapacitated. And obviously when it gets to such debilitating condition, there are several medical solutions either by medications, surgeries, or sheer advice on how to tackle such ill health. The medical resolution can also be by taking a break, or excusing one completely from work, position or assignment to avoid engaging in strenuous activities that can bring or lead to total breakdown, incapacitation and even death .Regrettably recent and ongoing health conditions of Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari appears to fall into this hallmark and becoming more controversial by the day because of lack of information on what exactly the president is suffering from. Indeed for Mr. Buhari, there is nothing absolutely wrong for him to drop ill and be given the best medication like any other person or citizen, but what is inhuman is if his health is deteriorating by the day and he is being denied the best medical solution such as asking him to take a full rest by stepping aside and concentrating fully on treatment. Once again this is the missing aspect concerning how to treat the president which his handlers are not doing or want to do. Unfortunately coming against these backdrops, are two fresh suits which ought not to be but currently challenging the true health position of the president in the law courts. The first case by one Mr Toyin Dawodu is asking the court to compel the Senate President to constitute a medical panel on President Buhari’s health status. Another suit was filed before a federal high court in Abuja by an Incorporated Trustees of a Civil Society Group, Kingdom Human Rights Foundation International, is also asking for an order to declare the ailing President as unfit to continue to hold office and mandating the National Assembly to constitute a medical panel to verify the President’s fitness. Both suits accordingly are seeking a judicial review of whether the National Assembly, the Federal Executive Council and the relevant bodies have not failed to perform their constitutional function and obligation under section 144 (1) (a) and (b) of the 1999 constitution in relation to the health status of the President. Similarly they will be seeking an order of mandamus compelling the Executive Council of the Federation to pass the resolution declaring Buhari incapable of discharging the function of his office. Certainly these suits would have been needless if the president’s ill health had not become controversial and shrouded in secrecy since he fell ill last year. If not what is the big deal about falling ill. If Buhari is well, fine and good, the people will enjoy their President, but if he is sick, by inference the country is also ill because of lack of direction, politically, economically and otherwise and there is no gainsaying about this. As it is now, Nigeria is sick and again not because of the economic recession or BokoHaram hostility, she is sick because Buhari is ill. So we support any lawful means that will bring to the fore the genuine health condition of the president, like the current law suits being instituted to unravel this. Enough of the hide and seek about the president’s health if that has being the case, if not, let the letters of the constitution henceforth decides Buhari’s fate and not the continued wickedness of those responsible for his self incarceration in the name of London medical vacation. We are unequivocal about the cases and many more that will end the Buhari’s ill health narrative.