A research group, Chell Research Initiative, made up of students of the University of Abuja, is proposing a Private Bill to National Assembly with a view to creating jobs for the teaming unemployed Nigerian.
Speaking to a select group of journalists in Abuja yesterday, the group explained that while government has come up with several job creation and youth empowerment initiatives, these initiatives always come with a huge financial responsibility to the government, but with their well thought out solutions and initiatives, government would realize so much capital to be ploughed back into the system without any financial contribution.
Proffering a four-pronged approach, the students say government can generate huge revenue annually through Information communication and Telecommunication Trust Fund, ICTTF; Infrastructure Trust fund, InTF; Nigerian Embassies as Centres for Economic Opportunity, CEOs; and Central Online Real-time Revenue Monitoring Centre, CORRMC.
Explaining the ICTTF, the students said: “Since Nigeria has an active data bundle subscribers in the region of 83 million, a surcharge of about N10 per bundle activated, will generate a minimum of N830million per three months. These monies will then be put into a fund which should be used to support telecom based SMEs using the defunct PTF model.”
They also called for the surcharge of 25% pay cut from all elected and appointed political office holders, and the fund, the INTF, be used to provide and upgrade infrastructure.
“Since Nigeria has over 150 foreign missions abroad, we are of the opinion that they should be turned into Centres of Economic Opportunities, CEOs. This will prompt massive importation of jobs back to Nigeria. Ambassadors should be charged with trade volume targets. Failure to deliver should attract a recall or redeployment,” they stressed, while also calling for an efficient tax machinery by erecting a Central Online Real-time Revenue Monitoring Centre, CORRMC, with emphasis on a lean administrative structure, which will monitor on a daily basis, excise duties, crude oil sales and the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS, so as to checkmate corruption in the system.

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