A frontline student group, Students in Re-awakening Initiative, STINRI, has honoured the Vice Chancellor of the University of Abuja, Professor Michael Umale Adikwu for excellent performance.
Though Adikwu has only spent a year in office, the group felt that he has turned around the fortunes of the school and therefore deserves the award.
At an event organized by Entrepreneurs Focus Ventures in conjunction with STINRI aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship among young outgoing students who would soon find themselves in the labour market, the group gave the VC the award.
Speaking at the event, the Chairman, Board of Trustees of STINRI, Barrister Nathan Oguwike, lauded the Vice Chancellor for turning University of Abuja around just in one year after he assumed office.
According to Oguwike, the Vice Chancellor assumed office at a time when the University was submerged in internal crises that completely paralysed academic activities and had a battered image. It was obvious the leadership of the institution in those days had no capacity to lift the university out of the crisis situation.
He also lauded Adike for achieving most of the 37 point agenda, he outlined during his interview for the position, especially the agenda to place the university among the top three universities in the country.
“Under the purposeful leadership of Professor Adikwu, the crisis situation in University of Abuja is now a thing of the past and the institution has moved up remarkably in the ranking of Universities in Nigeria. It is on its way to occupying a place in the forefront of universities in the country. It was recently published that University of Abuja has shot up in ranking as the 85th on the entire continent of Africa. That is great improvement,” said Oguwike.

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