United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, UNIDO, has supported a new collaboration aimed at doubling the pace of energy efficiency gains in industries around the world by bringing together governments, non-governmental organisations, NGOs and businesses.
The collaboration, which was officially launched recently in Vienna as part of the Sustainable Energy for All initiative, SE4All, was meant to help double the global rate of improvement of overall energy efficiency by 2030.
The Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform, convened by UNIDO, the Institute for Industrial Productivity, IIP and The Energy and Resources Institute, TERI, is the sixth in a growing series of sectoral initiatives under the Sustainable Energy for All Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform.
Director of UNIDO’s Energy Branch, Pradeep Monga, said “The new platform will work by securing commitments from both governments and industry and by creating a collaborative network with NGOs and other international organisations to provide industry with tools, resources and best practice information”.
He added that the platform will support the development of energy efficiency policies; build the capacity of enterprises for the adoption of energy management systems; and offer financing solutions for governments and enterprises as well as sharing knowledge with industrial stakeholders.
Monga said it will also help remove the barriers that are currently hampering industrial companies’ efforts to improve their energy management.
Sustainable Energy for All, an initiative led by the UN Secretary-General and the President of the World Bank, has as one of its three objectives for 2030 a doubling of the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency.
According to UNIDO, the Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform was established to help reach this objective by driving actions and commitments by national and sub-national leaders at the country, city, state, region, or sector level.
It said key deliverable would be Integrated Policy and Investment Roadmaps prepared with committed public and private partners.
The organisation added that these roadmaps will guide project implementation supported by a global network of experts, institutions and businesses.

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