President, Students Union Government, SUG, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Mr. Noble Eyisi has accused the management of the institution of planning to expel him from the institution for championing the cause of students.
He also alleged that the University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Joseph Ahaneku paid an undisclosed amount to his colleagues in SUG leadership to facilitate his impeachment.
Eyisi in a press briefing in Awka yesterday said his aides are currently being detained in a cell in the school, alleging that plans were on by the management of the institution to also arrest him.
In an earlier response however, the Public Relations Officer of the school, Dr. Emma Ojukwu insisted that Eyisi and other members of the executives of the SUG were like their children, and that despite the defamatory letters being circulated by the president of SUG against the Vice Chancellor, Prof Joe Ahaneku, the school will not take action, but hopes he will change.
Eyisi had last week led a protest against the Vice Chancellor claiming that the hike in the post UTME examination from N1,000 to N2,000 and the imposition of compulsory N7,500 for biometric data capture were all moves geared at extorting students.
In yesterday’s briefing, Eyisi insisted that since after the protest letter to the VC, there have been attempts to arrest him, just as some of his aides have been arrested and detained at different points, while one, Samuel Ewuama is still being held and denied food in the cell.
Hear him: “My sin is that immediately after I was elected, I slashed transport fare around the campus to N20, and also championed a decrease in the price of food as sold by food vendors in the campus.
“I am supposed to be getting N20,000 daily from drivers in the school, but I forfeited that just to ensure that the fare is reduced. But when we slashed the price of a plate of food in the campus from N200 to N150, the management resisted, just because there is an amount of money which the food vendors pay to them.
The SUG president insisted that he was not being sponsored by anyone as alleged by the management of the institution to destroy the image of the Vice Chancellor, but he was only concerned about the well being of students of the institution which is his primary constituency.
He said the SUG bus has been confiscated, and the management of the institution has long stopped giving it subvention, just as they now collect the Students Union dues and refuse to remit same to the union for running of its affairs.
It would be recalled that just last week, executives of the union had also addressed the press, disowning the president for circulating what they termed hate letters and organizing a protest against the management of the institution led by Prof Ahaneku insisting that he has been bought over by unknown persons.

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