No doubt, the euphoria of the emergence of the Muhammadu Buhari presidency is fading so fast away that not a few fellow Nigerians who hitherto, had every reason, fathomable and unfathomable to vote the retired military Head of State in preference to then incumbent, Goodluck Jonathan last February 14 are beginning to wonder what really prompted them initially to queue behind Buhari. This is normal though in every democracy.
After all, when an elective office seeker get some electorate to vote for him based on either his character, person, party or programme, there comes a time when some form of stock taking is done. Under normal circumstances, it is done either in the short, medium or long term. But in politics, especially in this clime, the electorate want action right from your first day in office. Think of the very many promises made by the All Progressives Congress, APC and Buhari during the campaigns, then you will understand what I mean here.
Thus, till date, the unemployed to whom Buhari made the promise to pay allowances of N5000 each per month ahead of a coming Eldorado of plentiful and gainful jobs still wait. Nigerians who saw in him the key to a new reassuring security situation across the country are now finding that promise difficult to believe as insecurity assumes the front burner in the land.
Above all among the several other promises made by the president is the fact that he said his administration will give hope to every Nigerian. But thus far, this factor is lacking in the current administration. If anything at all, from the president’s body language through his utterances, there has not been any trace of that factor that we looked forward to since May 29.

Grudge presidency?
No one can really say what bitterness Buhari has against the Jonathan administration. But it has since become very apparent that he certainly begrudges the man and his government that presided over the affairs of this country from 2011 till early this year. Perhaps, with the Mr. Clean character with which Buhari climbed into presidential history in the country, he is desperate to make a mark by rubbishing everything Jonathan stood, worked and governed for.
At first, the president was not in short supply of positively resounding praises for Jonathan when before the final result of the February 14 presidential results was announced by the Independent National electoral Commission, INEC, the former president called Buhari to congratulate him on his success, thus conceding victory. And I can recall that since that fateful day, he had had some two or three other occasions where he repeated what able statesman and gentleman politician Jonathan was.
But as has since become his trademark, days ago, the president told viewing audience that Jonathan conceded defeat reluctantly. This is a very unpresidential act. It smacks of hate for not just Jonathan, but for every Nigerian who heaved sighs of relief following the ensuing peace after Jonathan’s masterstroke of conceding defeat under a tense environment brought about by the misleading campaigns of the APC ahead the polls.
The president’s u-turn which has become a constant since May 29 elicited the angst of many with one retorting: “Did he (Buhari) concede reluctantly in 2011? If he had conceded defeat reluctantly in 2011, about 1000 innocent lives would have not lost.
“Your closest rival called you even before the final results were released to congratulate you and doused whatever tension that seems to be rising and you say such bullcrap (sic.). Gush!!!”
This is getting out hand; on daily basis Mr. President must have something negative to tell us about Jonathan.
Jonathan this, Jonathan that, Jonathan stole this, his minister stole that. Keeping Nigerians mind off his illusionary campaign promises, occupying our minds with the belief that Jonathan stole everything and left nothing for him so that Nigerians won’t ask for the CHANGE they promised and refusing to tell us how he intends to fulfill his campaign promises, he is yet to unfold his Economic policies and policy direction of his administrations but busy occupying our minds so as for us not to see the cluelessness of his administration.

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Gaffes all the way
Beyond the foregoing, Nigerians are beginning to be worried about the too many harvests of blunders being committed by the president; especially in his public showings. On this note, Buhari’s penchant for saying one thing today only to reverse it hours later is fast becoming a trademark of the president. Today, not a few Nigerians are beginning to worry if the wrong signals are not being sent out to our global friends.
A friend commented thus after the recent visit of the president to the United States of America. If this is true, then Buhari’s for sure needs image and reputation managers to assist in very many ways: “Last Monday in Washington DC, the President scored an unnecessary own goal, when he openly objected to the presence of Jim Ovia, former Zenith Bank Managing Director into his dinner party.
“In his remarks, Buhari jarred his audience by telling them he was surprised to see Mr. Ovia, and blame CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele for letting Mr. Ovia gate-crash his party. He also expressed surprise at the presence of Wale Tinubu, a close pal of APC chieftain, Bola Tinubu. A similar scenario played out with Tony Elumelu, chairman of Heirs Holdings, UBA Group and Transcorp Nigeria. As Head of State and President of the Federal Republic, Buhari’s utterances lacked the refinement expected of a man in his station and never again should this happen. Buhari needs to get his acts together; the country’s highest office cannot continue to be the butt of jokes and ridicule.
“The event in Washington DC was organized by the US Chamber of Commerce and the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA). Given that the condescending remarks were not part of his written speech for the evening, it is safe to assume Buhari was joking. But the audience, comprising mostly US businessmen, could not fully grasp the President’s jokes. Even Nigerians who were present were taken aback by the president’s unguarded comments. For sure, Ovia and Elumelu were formidable supporters of the past regime, but the President ought to know; or should have been told that Ovia’s Zenith Bank was one of the main sponsors of the event, and so Mr. President should not take umbrage at his presence. The case of Elumelu who left before the dinner was over; ostensibly to catch a flight to Congo was even worse because Elumelu sits on the Board of the CCA which jointly organized the event.”

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Softly, softly Information Minister Oshiomhole
It is time somebody told Edo state governor, Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole that President Buhari is yet to appoint a minister of Information; and that until he does that, the retired military General does not require his services. The president is wise enough to see through the governor’s antics.
After all, when he needed second term in office, he was all over Jonathan from Abuja to Otuoke and everywhere trying to play the good boy. Immediately he got what he wanted, pronto, he returned to his APC fold to continue his attacks on Jonathan. Oshiomhole’s recent attacks on the person and government of the former president therefore is being seen as a ploy to warm his way to the president’s heart ahead 2016 when he would be quiting government house, Benin for any possible job. Methinks for now, he should stay back in Edo to tend the affairs of the state.

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