The 2015 United Nations World Tourism Organisation, and World Travel Market UNWTO/WWTM Ministers’ Summit at World Travel Market London will put a spotlight on destination branding and how it has become an increasingly complex challenge (WTM London, Tuesday, November 3, 2015).
Destination management organisations are re-evaluating their structures and strategies to adapt to new market trends created by social media and new business models, such as the so called “sharing economy” and the growing empowering of consumers.
Moderated by CNN journalist Richard Quest, Tourism Ministers and private sector leaders from around the world will discuss Destination Branding: new challenges in a changing market.
The 2015 edition of the UNWTO/WTM Ministers’ Summit will focus on: What makes a successful destination brand in today’s globalised media landscape? The links between nation branding and destination branding, the role of social media and consumers’ engagement in destination branding, reputation management and crisis communication, the changing role of destination marketing organisations; and the contribution of the creative economy to destination branding.
The discussion will be further enriched by the participation of more than 150 Ministers and aides poised to attend the event.
“The rise of the new technologies, coupled with the global economic downturn, has brought a paradigm shift as power moves from governments to citizens and from companies to consumers. This change is having a huge impact in the tourism sector and both destinations and companies need to adjust to new challenges”, said UNWTO Secretary General, Taleb Rifai.
World Travel Market London, senior director, Simon Press, said, “The UNWTO and WTM Ministers’ Summit is a fixture in the calendar for ministers and private sector to debate the key issues facing the industry. Destination branding is becoming even more complex challenge as consumers empowered by new business models such as the sharing economy and social media have an impact on a destination’s brand and reputation. I am delighted WTM is again able to facilitate such an important conversation.”
Now in its ninth year, the UNWTO/WTM Ministers’ Summit is part of the World Travel Market London Ministerial Programme, bringing together Tourism Ministers and leading tourism experts to debate each year key issues affecting the sector.

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