Medical officials say at least 20 people have been killed by two bombs that blew up at a mosque in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.

Police officials say a suicide bomber blew himself up Wednesday inside the mosque during the evening call to prayers, while a car bomb exploded outside the mosque’s door. Medical officials say the death toll may rise with people now in operating rooms in several hospitals.

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Witnesses say the car bomb exploded while people were carrying out the wounded from inside the mosque.

Hamid Ali, a witness at the scene, says the explosion left body parts and bloodied floors in the mosque frequented by both Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

The bombing comes amid Yemen’s raging civil war.

This is a breaking news update. The AP’s earlier story follows below.

Gunmen shot dead two Yemenis working for the International Committee of the Red Cross Wednesday as they were traveling from the northern Saada province to the capital, Sanaa, the group said.

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Rima Kamal, an ICRC spokeswoman in Sanaa, says the two were killed in Amran province.

Yemen has been mired in violence since Shiite rebels, known as Houthis, swept down from their stronghold in Saada and captured Sanaa last September. Both Amran and Saada are fully controlled by the Houthis.

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The Houthis are fighting alongside army units loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh against forces loyal to exiled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi as well as southern separatists and local militias. A Saudi-led and U.S.-backed coalition has been launching airstrikes against the rebels since March.

The conflict has killed over 2,100 civilians, according to the United Nations.