National Executive Council, NEC, of the Unity Party of Nigeria, UPN, has disowned Professor Bankole Okuwa currently parading himself as its national chairman, describing him as a “joker.”
In a statement by deputy national publicity secretary, Honourable Adeoye Jolaosho, the party said Dr. Frederick Fasehun, the pioneer leader, remained the national chairman of the party.
Jolaosho said, “By virtue of the first UPN national convention held at the Yard 158 Events Centre, Oregun, Lagos, last January 9, Dr. Frederick Fasehun, the pioneer national chairman of the party, was returned to the position.”
He said the election of Fasehun as well as other members of the NEC complied with Article II, Section 7(2) of the party’s constitution, which stipulates that “the National Convention shall elect the… national officers of the party each of whom shall hold office for a maximum of four years or for such other lesser duration as the national convention may fix, but shall be eligible for re-election.”
Disowning Okuwa, the deputy national publicity secretary said: “We have never seen this pretender, the so-called Professor Okuwa, the supposed new national chairman, at any UPN meeting,” he said. “He has never been registered as a member of the party, talk more of being a member of our national executive; talk more of tagging him national chairman.”
According to Jolaosho, Professor Okuwa is a total stranger to the party, was liable to be prosecuted for impersonation and should stop parading himself as an officer of the party.
He traced the genesis of Okuwa’s claim to the same forces that rose against the resuscitation of the UPN in 2013.
According to him, it was clear that Okuwa was another phase in the fight by those threatened by UPN’s emergence, especially in the South-West.
“This is the equivalent of a civilian coup attempt, but it is a failed coup attempt. It is dead on arrival,” he said.
“It is a great shame that a whole professor should reduce himself to the position of a stooge and a puppet to be controlled by moneybags and politicians whose sole interest is destabilising the party.”

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