Deputy Department Spokesperson, United States, US, Department of State, Mark Toner, said at the weekend that America is disappointed by the flawed presidential electoral process in the Republic of Congo.
The US in a statement called on the Congolese government to correct these numerous deficiencies before scheduling legislative elections in order to bring credibility to future electoral processes.
“We continue to urge the Congolese government to respect the people’s constitutional rights of freedom of expression, movement, and association and we encourage all parties to engage in constructive and inclusive dialogue.
“The US is deeply concerned about the welfare of thousands of Congolese who awoke on April 4 to the sound of gunfire and explosions and fled their homes. A climate of fear works against the national unity and peace that the Congolese people deserve.
“We are inspired by the Congolese people, who have demonstrated a strong commitment to democracy and have persevered in difficult times,’’ the statement said.
It added that the Congolese’s continued peaceful involvement in the political process is vital to the future development of the country.
President Denis Nguesso, who has ruled the country for 32 years, was re-elected in a disputed poll last month.
The election went ahead after the president and the ruling party pushed through constitutional changes in a referendum last October to remove age and term limits that would have disqualified him from contesting again. PANA/NAN

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  • Lassana

    I blame the west especially France, Britain, Belgium,
    Portugal, Spain, Canada, US, UN, AU, etc., etc., for the rot in Africa democracy.
    Why should someone manipulate the system and overstay as a president in a
    country degrading his subjects and attending summits at apex level with world leaders
    yet cannot be prevailed upon to relinquish power to pave way for real and
    participatory democracy. These monstrous leaders abound in Africa and are
    devouring their citizens like lions. They starve their citizens and stash their
    ill-gotten wealth in foreign banks and suppress democracy at home calling
    themselves champions of democracy.

    With the exception of Ghana, Benin, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya,
    Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana and a few other
    democratic countries, almost all the rest are ruled by sit tight dictators.

    Why can’t the West do something to remove these despots from
    power and free their citizens instead of pumping millions of tax payers’ money
    in aid to these criminals calling themselves democrats? Why can’t the West ban
    these people from attending the UN summits and also restrict their movements on
    placing visa embargo on them and their immediate families and collaborators?
    Why can’t they forfeit their monies and properties overseas, sell them off and
    return the proceeds to the depriving population in their respective countries?

    In West Central African countries, democracy is a sham. Equatorial
    Guinea, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, DRC, Angola, CAR, Gabon have tremendous natural
    resources but their citizens are wallowing in abject poverty and misery because
    of bad leaders. Democracy does not work in these countries but the West is
    keeping a blind eye on the carnivorous dictators as presidents.