A group based in the United States, Edo United for Homeland Empowerment, has applauded President Goodluck Jonathan for bearing the courage and dignity to concede defeat after the presidential election, saying his historic action saved Nigeria unnecessary bloodshed.
The organisation said that with the outcome of the election the survival of the country as one nation can no longer be in doubt, urging all Nigerians to support the in-coming administration to move the country forward.
In a congratulatory message to the President-elect, retired Major-General MohammaduBuhari, signed by its president, Mr. Frank Ekhator and Director of Publicity, Mr. Emmanuel Okunmwendia, the organisation called for a commission of inquiry into the alleged acts of brigandage purportedly displayed by the military before and during the election.
“In order to restore sanity to the forces there is the need for major re-organisation that would put them back on the pedestal of honour and dignity.”
The group described as painful and appalling the army’s surrender to vicious manipulation by politicians against the interest of the Nigerian people, saying that Nigeria as a sovereign nation stands in great danger if nothing is done to address this unfortunate situation.
It therefore called on the President-elect to as a matter of urgent necessity embark on major re-organisation, training and re-orientation of the Army and other security agencies on his assumption of office in May 2015.
“The leadership of the various branches must be held responsible for the horror perpetrated against Nigerians who for several years have grappled with an administration marred by arrogance, impunity, brazen corruption, godfatherism, dysfunctional government agencies and other forms of social malaise.”
The election of General Buhari, the group said has sent a loud and clear message of a people yearning for change and redemption, adding that it was not only a referendum on bad governance, but a call for a dignified life, with access to good and affordable healthcare, food, education, job and security of lives and property.
The organisation called on General Buhari to ensure the implementation of the recommendations of the defunct National Conference, granting voting rights to Nigerians in the Diaspora, and the removal of immunity clause that for a long time shielded corrupt public officers from prosecution.
It also drew the attention of the President-elect to the corrupt practices of custom officers at all Nigeria’s ports of entry, especially the Murtala Mohammed airport, known for its notoriety, with the nefarious activities of these men and women in uniform who target and rob Nigerian passengers from abroad of their legitimate belongings.
“Rather than perform their assigned functions, several Nigerian custom officers in connivance with other redundant layers of so-called security agents at the airport prefer to dip into visitors’ hard earned money by branding every item they are bringing home for loved ones “Contraband.”
“By inventive symmetry, same offence of “Contraband” is concocted and invoked to extort money from them before being allowed to leave the country with local food, traditional attires and other belongings that people hold dearly.
“We find these corrupt practices painful, abhorrent, and disgraceful and something that must be checked by your in-coming administration, the group requested.”
Edo United also called for the institution of a panel of inquiry to investigate the alleged abuse and torture of Army Captain Sogir’s younger brother for the whistle blowing offence of his elder brother who blew the lid on Ekiti governorship election rigging scheme.
“In the same token, Army Captain Sogir, who is now on exile as reported by Sahara Reporters for being patriotic in exposing the Nigerian Army corruption and complicity in election rigging, must be welcomed back to Nigeria as National hero,” the group demanded.
“We urge you to establish an Independent Fiscal Responsibility Agency or body to conduct a comprehensive auditing of waste or abuse of resources and funds in government from time to time.
“The body should report not only to the Presidency but also to the National Assemble, the Judiciary and EFCC.
“Nigerians need your leadership in action not by rhetoric as we have been accustomed to. The possibility of national redemption that would lead to the possibility of renewal through fresh start is the major reason you were elected.
“We therefore enjoin you to not only challenge, but change the existing culture of official impunity and growing criminal escapades pervading the entire nation.
“Because Nigerians and the world have high expectation of you, your coming into office must offer nothing less than a new start; and a breath of relief from despair.”
Edo United commended the Chairman of INEC, Professor Attahiru Jega, for not only exuding extraordinary courage, patriotism and professionalism in the face of threats and intimidation, but for maintaining decorum, while defying all the fallacies, rage and hostilities against him.
It also commended the patriotic and gallant efforts of the Nigeria press, especially the Premium Times and Sahara reporters for exposing the Nigeria government and the Military’s collaboration in corrupt practices.
It also appealed to all Nigerians to make the governorship and house of assembly elections peaceful, free, fair and credible.

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