As preparation for this year’s
FIFA Women World Cup heat
up, Super Falcons, Courtney
Dike has vowed that his team
mates are ready to confront
any team that come their way
when the tournament gets
underway in Canada.
Nigeria are pitched in Group
D comprising of Women
Soccer powerhouse United
States, Sweden and Australia.
Among the countries in
the much talked about group
of death, USA have won the
female World cup since its
inception in 1991.
But Dike who equally plays
football in US, maintained
“We don’t have any reason
to be afraid. All we need to
do is to play football with
determination and be focused.
When we play as a team, we
can achieve our aim.
“As for me, I am looking
forward to making it to the
final squad of the FIFA World
Cup because I will do my best
in any role that I am asked
to play. We have abundant
talents among us.”
“Some of the best teams
in the tournament are in our
group, it is not about what they
do but about what we do to
prepare. We have all the skills
and talent to win, so it doesn’t
make me scared, we are not
afraid neither are we under
any pressure.”
So far, Nigeria’s Super
Falcons are yet to reach the
quarter-final of the most
prestigious female football
However, it is expected that
the current crop of players
would be motivated to go
pass the team’s previous
record especially now that
the leadership of the Nigeria
Football Federation, NFF, has
promised them a bounty cash
reward amounting to $250, 000
each if they reach the final this
time around.

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