Dr Nosa Orobaton, Chief of Party, USAID’s sponsored TSHIP, an NGO, has commended Sokoto State Government for increasing health financing from eight per cent in 2008 to 13 per cent in 2014.
USAID is the acronym for United States Agency for International Development, while TSHIP is Targeted States High Impact Project seeking to promote good governance in the country.
Orobaton made the commendation in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Wednesday.
He recalled that Nigeria signed the `Abuja Declaration’ in 2001 which required spending 15 per cent of the total budget on health, but still healthcare financing remains a huge challenge.
According to him, USAID had assisted the state government to review trends in budget allocation, the appropriateness, and timeliness of funds released for Maternal and New born Child Health (MNCH).
He said USAID in collaboration with other USAID-funded projects had also assisted the state in the projections of the budgetary requirements for delivering healthcare services.
He also said USAID had supported the rehabilitation of 71 healthcare facilities in the state to boost maternal and new born child health, family planning and reproductive health services.
He said the state established several mechanisms to achieve the level of funding necessary to meets the demand of its population’s health need.
Orobaton said that in some areas, the community led rehabilitation as a result of sensitisation and awareness campaign from the USAID.
“Some communities implemented innovative drug revolving schemes that ensured a steady drug supply to pregnant women and children younger than five years,’’ he said.
He said the agency had helped communities in the state to advocate for increased monthly immunisation allocations and increased capacity to partake of the budgetary process.