The fastest and the most powerful men in the world met in Jamaica this week, as US President Barack Obama visited Jamaica and posed with Usain Bolt.
Obama said he ‘had to say hi’ to Bolt, the fastest sprinter of all time, when he became the first American President to visit the island since 1982.
And when Obama met Bolt he could not resist joining the world-class sprinter in striking his trademark ‘lightning pose’.
During the encounter on Thursday, Obama spoke about the six-time Olympic champion saying ‘Nobody’s ever been faster than this guy. Ever…of all the billions of people.’
He then told Bolt ‘Wait, wait should we get a pose here? Come on man show me’ before the pair busted out in the sprinter’s signature pose for cameras.
Bolt posted the video of him with Obama to his Instagram account on Friday and said that he was honored to have met the U.S. president.
‘What can I say.. It was truly a great honour meeting the President of United States of America,’ he wrote.
Crowds across Jamaica cheered for President Obama on Thursday as he made multiple stops and became the first American president to visit the island nation since President Ronald Reagan in 1982.

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