armyDefence Headquarters
Abuja has announced
the ban on the use of
camouflage uniforms by
various security agencies
other than the Armed
Forces namely; Army,
Navy and the Air Force.
The DHQ however
exempted the Nigerian
Police from the ban
stating that the Police can
use the uniform when
in Joint Operation with
the military or on special
operation such as specific
anti-riot missions.
According to a statement
issued yesterday by
the Director of Defence
Information, Maj-Gen.
Chris Olukolade, the
ban became necessary
following the directive
of the National Security
General Olukolade said
the Council approved the
recommendations of a
committee on measures
to streamline the use of
camouflage uniforms,
in view of the security
implications and concerns
raised on the duplicity
and proliferation of
camouflage uniforms in
the country.
The statement said, “The
use of camouflage/fatigue
is therefore restricted
to the military and for
occasional use by the
police henceforth. The
directive also stipulates
that the military is to
adopt only 2 types of
camouflage for the 3 arms
of the Armed Forces.
“All para-military
agencies using various
uniforms have up to
January 2016 to withdraw
such materials currently
in their inventory.
Olukolade stated
further that, “With
this development, the
Ministry of Justice along
with the law enforcement
agencies have been tasked
to ensure that extant
laws guiding the use of
uniforms in Nigeria are
strictly enforced.
“In the same vein, the
Office of the National
Security Adviser has been
vested with the authority
to vet and clear any
production and supply of
camouflage uniforms in
“The proliferation and
imitation by criminals and
impostors using uniforms
especially the camouflage
have been generating
some concerns in national
security circles. The
development has been
communicated to all the
agencies by the Office
of the National Security
Adviser, NSA

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