As Nigerians join the world to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the vice president, IndustriALL Global Union, Issa Aremu has called on Nigerians to stop the spread of hate speeches and concentrate more on the spread of love speeches as the culture for an “eye for an eye will render us all blind.”
In a Valentine’s message sent to Nigerian Pilot, Aremu said that even in the face of many challenges faced by Nigerians, from the persistent fuel scarcity, Fulani herdsmen killings to no payment of salaries to workers, the solution was not to agonise and spread more hatred, rather to organise and stand up in solidarity to solve all the problems of nation building which were not peculiar to Nigeria.
“Today is Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to share love and affections. Often, the day is personalised between two lovers. But privatized love only makes sense if there is love and affection in the society as a whole. Nigeria more than ever before needs love, love and love amongst its wonderful and beautiful peoples. Nigeria is a God’s own country. What God has put together, let no senseless killings and hatred put asunder!
“Today we must stop the unacceptable culture of ‘fire for fire.’ Let there be ‘water for fire.’ If we do ‘eye for an eye,’ all Nigerians will go blind. May God forbid! Please stop the hate speech today and forever. Spread the love speech all the times. Of course there is the problem of fuel scarcity.
“Even in the labour movement, we have our challenges of non-payment of salaries in some states and payment of salaries that can hardly take us workers home. But the solution is not to agonize and spread more hatred. The solution is to organize and stand up in solidarity to solve all the problems of nation building which are not peculiar to Nigeria,” Said Aremu
While calling for the spread love in place of hatred, he also commended the recent release of three lecturers of University of Maiduguri abducted by Boko Haram terrorists while conducting oil prospective in the Lake Chad area on behalf of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC.
Aremu also expressed joy over the release of 10 women kidnapped in a raid by the militant group on a military/police convoy on Damboa road, near Maiduguri, some two years ago.