CHAIRMAN of the Victims
Support Funds, VSF, Dr.
Sunday Ocheche has refuted
allegations of mismanaging
N60 billion victims funds
by a group known as Bomb
Victims Association.
Ocheche specifically said
that the Victims Support
Funds were not only for the
Abuja bomb blast victims,
noting that it was meant
for victims of Boko Haram
insurgency across the
The VSF chairman
disclosed this in his office at
an interview with Nigerian
Pilot in Abuja recently.
He explained that former
President Goodluck
Jonathan had last year July
inaugurated a committee
under the chairmanship
of General Theophilous
Danjuma, with term of
reference that included to
identify sources of fund to
support victims of Boko
Haram insurgency, to raise
funds to support victims
of insurgency, to determine
who had been affected,
that is, the persons,
communities, the institution
that are negatively impacted
by Boko Haram attacks.
Other tasks include
to determine how they
could be supported and to
administer the support to
the victims.
Ocheche added that,
“Immediately, what the
committee did was to do
fund raiser whuich happen
on July 31, 2014, during
which people pledged a
total of N54billion.
“Of that amount, the single
highest individual donor
was Danjuma himself,
the chairman. He pledged
$10million and redeemed
it immediately; so one or
two other people redeemed
their pledge; the federal
government pledged
10billion and redeemed
N5billion and remaining
N5billion, which President
Buhari personally directed
should be released.
“Until February and
March this year, only
about N12billion has been
redeemed and by May, the
banking and finance sector
redeemed most of their
pledges and that took us to
about N23billion, because
they redeemed N11billion
out of N15billion in the
banking sector.”
He said that rather than
allowing individuals to be
coming to seek for support,
VSF identified seven
hospitals that were treating
the majority of victims in
the North-East and gave
each hospital N20million
in the first phase of the
Ocheche said N20 million
was given to help the
institutions to provide
decent and free treatment
for the victims, adding that
the total money spent on
hospitals was N130 million.
The chairman also said that
VSF disbursed N2billion
to Safe School Initiatives
which aimed at creating a
safer enabling environment
for schooling and moving
children to safer places.
He therefore revealed that
VSF did not exclude Abuja
bomb victims in its plan.
“Bomb blast victims are
just one element of the
victims and we have not
excluded them. Maybe we
have not covered Abuja
category. We cannot cover
all camps, IDPs, orphans,
victims because we don’t
have enough resources.”
He urged Bomb Victims
Association to work
with them to monitor the
interventions and ensure it
was used for the victims.
Nigerian Pilot gathered
that among the medical
institution VSF gave
N20 million included
the University Teaching
Hospital, Maiduguri,
the specialist hospital in
Maiduguri, the specialist
hospital in Damaturu,
Federal Medical Centre
in Yola, the specialist
hospital in Yola, the Federal
Medical Centre in Gombe
and specialist hospital in

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