Chairman Victims Support Fund, VSF, Dr. Sunday Ocheche has said that out of N24 billion released to support the victims of the insurgency, about N2 billion was disbursed on Save School Initiative that cater for children’s education.
Ocheche disclosed this on Wednesday in one on one interview with Nigerian Pilot Newspapers in his office Abuja.
According to him, the victim support fund intervention targeted 20,000 children in the North-East to assist for their education and also give them psychosocial support.
“The children are the most vulnerable and in this regard the VSF thought it wise to deal with medium and long time issues that are to tackle the root of the insurgency and give these children better education to avoid the reoccurrence of what we are seeing now in years to come.
The VSF chairman, who disclosed that the women and children were in their first priority, feared that without addressing the issue of these children affected by the insurgency and give them proper education to 20,000 children, Nigeria will in no time, face worst than it experiencing now.
He revealed that with the intervention fund, they have put in place vocational training for the teenagers and all is set to give economic empowerment to women who have been widowed because of insurgency.
“So many people have been displaced, large number of women has been widowed and children orphaned. We cannot leave them like this because they are the most vulnerable group in the society, they are to be rehabilitated and restructured. They are supposed to equip economically and academically to help them become independent and useful again in the society,” he said.

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