FEDERAL government said it is planning to bring in inventors, innovators and investors to ensure sustainable commercialisation of research findings. Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, who disclosed this at a ministerial planning committee meeting for Technology and Innovation Expo in Abuja, said more researchers need to be brought together and let them know that things imported into Nigeria can be produced in the country with indigenous technology. Onu said the main reason for
the expose was to ensure that all research findings in the country are commercialised, adding that it is also the mandate of his ministry. “That was the first charge I gave the 17 agencies in the ministry. I can no longer afford to allow all deserving research findings to waste away in our laboratories or on the shelves of our libraries, that is the mandate,” he said. Onu expressed hope that the ministry is succeeding, adding that the country had commercialised three research findings with notable companies. Onu advocated the need for diversification of the economy, especially as Nigeria is currently going through recession.

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