The Nigeria Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Engr. Babachir David Lawal, ‎has said that governments, traditional rulers at all levels must uphold the Nigerian culture in order to curb indiscipline and corruption among the youths.

He made the call at Manchok community as the Chairman of occasion during the 2016 Moro’a Annual Cultural Day Celebration in Kaduna at the weekend.

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According to the SGF, ‎”As we all know, National identity is what distinguishes a nation from the others, likewise the culture of every nation defines it identity. However, it is sad to say that indiscipline, corruption and juvenile delinquency are fast eroding our national identity through abuse and negligence of traditional values and institutions.

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“The revered position of district heads, ward heads, Chiefs, religious leaders and elders are gradually being ridiculed and disregarded by our youths. The worst effect of this sad development is the drastic decline in the moral attitude of our youths.

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“This calls for serious effort by government, traditional rulers and elders ‎alike to leverage our cultural value and traditions in order to curb indiscipline and corruption right from the grassroot,” the SGF said.