Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu has stressed that one of the major areas his ministry is concerned with, is how to diversify the Nigerian economy and close technology gaps.
Onu disclosed this yesterday during press briefing about his visit to China and Indonesia on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.
According to him, the aim of the trip was to see how to close all the major Technology gaps in the country, adding that, if the gaps are not closed, the direction of the national development agency will not change in line with the present administration.
“We have always stressed that one major area this ministry is very concerned with, is how we can diversify our economy and to achieve this, we must be in a position to close major technology gaps and our visit was basically to see how best we can close these gaps because for so long, what we find out is that we import virtually everything we need and Nigeria cannot continue that way.
“We have seen that it’s denying us jobs, we can no longer have enough jobs for ourselves and if we are in a situation we cannot provide job for our citizens, it will create a lot of problems which is very far reaching implication that can even affect the security of the nation,” he said.
He further assured Nigerians that no matter the past mistake; we will settle it and rebuild the nation, adding that time has come for them to start producing not going to buy.
Onu therefore said that the visit to China and Indonesia have strengthened the relationship with them, adding that they will return the visit very soon.

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