Africa’s fastest woman, Blessing Okagbare, has revealed on her Facebook wall the secret to the success of the team at the International Association of Athletics Federations World Relay Race in Bahamas last Sunday.
Okagbare disclosed that they won because they were given the chance to select the best legs themselves instead of the officials imposing sprinters on them.
“For the first time, we the athletes made some decisions as a team to choose who can deliver and deserves to run this race since the officials are very good at messing up things and yes, we did it,” Okagbare wrote on Facebook.
“Sometimes it’s not about what they want but, our feelings and opinions should be taken into consideration. I am really thankful to God everything worked out to the glory of His name because, we weren’t the best team out there but we came to win regardless.”
The quartet of Okagbare, Regina George, Dominique Duncan and Christy Udoh set a new national record of 1:30.52seconds to emerge as the 4x200m World Relay champions.

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