Senator-elect for Kaduna Central, Comrade Shehu Sani yesterday said the eighth Senate would hold the executive arm and the incoming administration of the General Muhammadu Buhari accountable.
He said the Senate would not be a rubber stamp as it would scrutinise every bill before passage.
Comrade Sani while speaking to newsmen in Kaduna yesterday said it would not fail to challenge Buhari where he goes wrong.
According to him, “Where the General resists what is right we must condemn him. We must not fail to tell him where he goes wrong. We belt to differ with our president where necessary. We will hold the executive of president to account.
“The eighth Senate is not going to be a rubber stamp. We will scrutinise every bill; and the interest of Nigerians will be given utmost priority,” he said.
He also called on the president-elect to develop and empower the people, saying “Buhari is a nationalist and he should remain a nationalist.
“He should assist the north to develop and empower the people. Jonathan must not be a model to Buhari.
“He must not favour one side against the other side. Jonathan favours south 80 percent and the north 20 percent,” Sani said.
He blamed the backwardness of the north on its political elite whom he said were never interested in harnessing the potential and resources in the north but to acquire oil wealth.
“There is need to develop policies that will free the north from dependency on oil revenue to harness the resources in the north.
“There is need for intellectuals in the north to develop policies that ensure unity and harmony,” stressing out that “there is need to reawaken the people.”