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We’re not targeting Semenya- IAAF  



International Association of Athletic Federations, IAAF insists it is not solely targeting South Africa’s Caster Semenya with its new gender rules for classifying female athletes.

This comes after Semenya last week lost her court challenge against the IAAF over plans to force female athletes to regulate their testosterone levels.The decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) means that female athletes with elevated testosterone will have to take suppressive treatment if they wish to compete as women in certain events.Is Semenya refuses, she’ll likely be forced to enter men’s events.  

The IAAF on Tuesday answered several questions on its website regarding the female eligibility regulations.One of the questions posed was “why are you targeting one athlete?”The IAAF responded to the question: “Some commentators have suggested that the regulations were (and have always been) directed at an individual athlete. That is not true.

The IAAF is bound by strict confidentiality and so simply cannot – and will not – disclose the number of other athletes affected, or the identities of those athletes.”We have seen in a decade and more of research that approximately 7.1 in every 1000 elite female athletes in our sport are DSD (disorder of sexual differentiation) athletes with very high testosterone levels in the male range. 

The majority of those athletes compete in the restricted events covered by the regulations.”This frequency of DSD individuals in the elite athlete population is around 140 times higher than you will find in the general female population, and their presence on the podium is much more frequent even than this. The CAS accepted that this demonstrates, in statistical terms, that they have a significant performance advantage.”

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