National Identity Management Commission, NIMC, has denied allegations levelled against it by the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, ASCSN, that it had slated 1,000 workers for sack.
At a press conference in Abuja, the Director-General of NIMC, Chris Onyemenam, said that claims by ASCSN that the management of the commission had planned to sack over 1,000 employees who are members of the association were a misrepresentation of facts.
Onyemenam explained that only 406 senior members of staff who falsified their service records and had been profiting from the fraud, were formally reported to the appropriate offices for action.
ASCSN had accused the management of impunity, claiming that the NIMC under the leadership of Onyemenam, had not delivered on the mandate of the agency, in particular, the issuance of national e-ID cards.
According to Onyemenam, “They further alleged financial misconduct, corruption and unfair labour practices. These allegations and claims are false and an unfortunate misrepresentation of facts. They are malicious and calculated to discredit the board, top management and the person of the DG over the handling of disciplinary cases of staff members found to have falsified their service records.
“During the picketing action today (yesterday), the ASCSN prevented staff members of the NIMC who are members of the Senior Staff Association of Communications, Transportation and Corporations, SSACTAC, from entering the office in Lagos, Minna and our head office here in Abuja.
“It is not true that management plans to declare redundancy or undertake any retrenchment. Rather, management had administratively dealt with cases of falsification of service records by some senior members of staff.
“Due process was followed, including the proper convening and seating of a Disciplinary Committee with all observer status offices duly represented, obeying all court orders regarding the administrative process since July 2014, responding to requests for explanations and clarifications from supervisory and other appropriate authorities of government.
“The National e-ID card is currently being distributed across the federation from our state offices. It is regrettable that some members of staff with questionable service records who have been slowing down the pace of the implementation of the NIMC are now bent on disrupting the smooth arrangement put in place for citizens to enrol and subsequently come to collect their e-ID cards at their convenience and upon notification.
“For the avoidance of doubt, management has remained focused on implementing the NIMC, in particular, the Federal Executive Council, FEC approval in September 2011,” he said.

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