Rotimi Amaechi
Rotimi Amaechi

Minister of Transportation,
Chibuike Amaechi, has urged
Nigerians in his political circle to
rededicate themselves and restore
their commitment to God ahead of
the 2019 general elections.
Amaechi stated this while
testifying of his ‘miraculous’
emergence as Governor of Rivers
State in 2007 during a special
thanksgiving service to mark the
10th anniversary of the Supreme
Court judgment that declared him
governor at the Abundant Life
Evangelical Mission, ALEM, in Port
Harcourt, on Sunday.
The former governor is a
key member of the ruling All
Progressives Congress, APC.
With former Vice President Atiku
Abubakar’s recent defection from
the APC to the Peoples Democratic
Party, PDP, some members of the
opposition have urged Amaechi to
also return to their fold.
Amaechi re-lived his ordeal in
2007 and how God showed up for
him when all odds were against him.
“The truth is that we believed God.
Some who didn’t believe left us just
as they are leaving now. God told me
that what he will do in Rivers State
will tingle the ears and I believed.
We were so broke, we could not pay
legal fees or our children’s school
fees. My wife prayed every day and
night. I was fasting and praying for
three months. I told God ‘I have a
friend who has money, please make
him remember me.’ I called my
friend and he told me he has been
looking for me. I told him I was in
Ghana and he asked for my account
number, he sent me N200 million.
This is just to tell you that I believed
God and he answered me,” Amaechi
He wondered why many of his
friends and political associates
whom he helped one way or the
other have turned against him.
He said it is God’s way of creating
a vacuum for the youths to take
charge. The minister also advised
youths to be of help to people
around them when they are in positions of power.
“We must all go back to God in
faith and prayers. Those who want
to leave can go. I have come to
understand that God allows us pass
through these challenges to prove
himself. Now that they have left,
for me, this is an opportunity for
the youths. It is your turn. You must
ensure that we get to power for you
to fill the vacuum left.
“I have sometimes asked God,
‘why do you use me to bless people
and after blessing them, they run
away.’ Count how many people in
Rivers State politics today that I did
not help somehow. I don’t want to
take the glory away from God. So
for those who left, may God bless
“When you get your own
appointment, also put somebody.
Allow God to use you and leave the
rest to him,” Amaechi advised.
On the 2019 election, he continued
“if we don’t pray, 2019 will be very
far from us. If we don’t win 2019, it
would be your fault, not anybody
else. We go to God because he
answers. We pray then go home and
work. Back then, even in my father’s
house in the village, there was a
prayer team…”
During his sermon, the General
Overseer of ALEM, Eugene Ogu,
recalled the travails of Amaechi
in 2007, how he cried at the altar
and how God used him to make a
statement in Rivers State.
“Making a man who did not
participate in an election governor is
one act of God that cannot be erased
in the history of Rivers State. God
is in charge of this state and that
is why the conspiracy of evil ones
cannot stand.’’
Apostle Ogu admonished the
congregation to do good and avoid
evil communications, because “what
you sow, you shall reap. If you are
paid to kill people, somebody will
kill you without collecting money.
If you use your pen to lie against
people, if you blackmail people,
one day somebody will ‘blackpaint’

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