It was gripping. It was touching
and it drew emotions. It was a
gathering of women of purpose
with one a sole objective: uplift
Last Saturday, December 4,
2017, the over 15,000 strong
membership of a wholly married
woman on the Abuja Moms
platform on Facebook played
hostess to widows in the Federal
Capital City of Abuja. Led by
their Group Administrator whom
members easily call Presido, Mrs.
Happyness Ochi-Ani, the women
assembled at the popular Tobix
Garden in Jahi area of the FCT
in their crested and customized
t-shirts with the inscription,
“Abuja Moms” at the front and
“Sisters Keeper” on the left arm.
Their colourful assemblage
underpinned by the shades of
white, yellow, red and one other
colour t-shirts of smart jean
trouser could have readily raised
issues about the gathering. But mien
and purposefulness of the smartly
dressed women presented them
as serious minded homo sapiens
desirous of achieving goals mere
mortals would ordinarily bat their
eye lids, think several times before
venturing into the business of the
For Ochi-Ani, her gait and stature
which suggested that she was not
the pushful type was what one
member told this newspaper is
“very wrong.” The member added,
“you need to see her driving
members to key into our vision and
be committed. She is a no-nonsense
and responsibloy married woman
who believes that womanhood is
golden and marriage is a worthy
cause which we all must cherish
and always love to uphold, love
and cherish. She represents an
encapsulation of what the Nigerian,
nay, African wife must be. And
for our group, Presido believes in
humanity and being human to the
extent of being our sisters’ keepers.”
At the event last Saturday,
members brought prepared meals
of various types from their homes
as well as drinks to share with
others. And beside the wining
and eating, there was dancing
too with the popular “Style Plus”
musical group on the band stand.
The group entertained the women
with some of their favourite tunes
like “Olufunmi” and “Four years
don waka” which sent members of
Abuja Moms into some old school
frenzy as each tried to re-enact
some dancing steps of yore amidst
excitement by all.
But in all these, the leader of
Abuja Moms was watchful lest
any member derailed. Indeed,
this newspaper noticed her call a
particular member whose dance
steps and body movements she
considered not in tow with the
Group’s policy. That action by their
leader elicited applause from other
members who saw many reasons to
take sides with their leader.
Then came the time for the real
business of the day when no fewer
than 11 widows answered the call to
come forward.
With Mrs. Ochi-Ani leading other
leaders of the group, each widow
was handed N50,000 and quality

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bed sheets. That was the moment
of emotional outpouring as the
recipients, one after the other told
her story of lack and want amidst
tears even as they expressed their
respective gratefulness to Abuja
Moms for remembering them in
these extremely difficult times.
But amidst comforting words
from all leaders of the group, the
recipients got needed reassurance
that all hope was not lost.
One striking warning Mrs. Ochi-
Ani gave each of the recipients
was the fact that the monetary
gifts they received was not for
nothing. Each of them she said
must apply it as some seed money
for investment in any profitable
venture no matter how little the
business is to ensure they are not
totally dependent on outside help
which may not readily come.
This newspaper gathered that
apart from the yearly gathering
of Abuja Moms, the group
periodically makes donations
to orphanages. Members are
also encouraged to open small

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businesses as they volunteer to
teach one another how to make
products like liquid soaps and juices
of various types among others.
“Some of us now make these items
from our homes and sell to people
around us. Some are even trying to
package the products very well to
sell in the open market,” said one

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member who currents works in a
federal government agency.
By and large, the event was
a huge success and Mrs. Ochi-
Ani did not hesitate to post on
her personal Facebook page at
9.27pm same day saying: “No
greater joy than making another
person happy and thank God.
#widowswindow was a success!
Thanks to my beautiful sisters.
Instructively, her post elicited
comments from others some of
which are below:
Crownberry Luchiano: “I am
very proud of u n my sisters. For
this widowswidow vision. God
bless you all.”
Precious Ijeoma:” You’re indeed
God sent my presido. Through you
Abujamoms are paying their own
dues of love in every little way
we can. God bless you immensely
and all my sister keepers. Let’s
keep changing the game sisters.”
Lawretta Akhimimen: “I’m all
teary now. “May God replenish
the pockets of everyone that lent
to him.”
Favour Unedi ChidiBest: “God
bless you all, more and more
grace. Well done.”