WHEN the Senate of a nation would overrule the
peoples’ popular demand for restructure – a return
to the federalist constitution that gave birth to the
nation, are they now not calling up the query ‘whose
interests are you serving?’ This unpleasant action is
also inviting a certain crises, because the people do
not give up to such usurpation of their power as
cases have shown in Nigeria past.
Revelation about British colonial official
who admitted they had a hidden agenda in
Nigeria should now be investigated by Nigerian
Government. Not Devolution Of Power To States,
But Regional Autonomy – However what was killed
on the floor of the Senate was devolution of power
to states, which in my opinion, was not exactly what
the people are demanding for. The real demand of
majority of Nigerians at home and abroad is for the 6
geo-political zones to become autonomous regions,
empowered by the constitution as the federating
units. Six zonal federating units, rather than 35 states
skewed as federating units, is widely preferable.
Nigerian people want the states as they are now,
no more creating of states as long as the 6 region are
enshrined as Federating Units (FU) in a renewed
Constitution. We are hopeful that another bill that reflects this decent demand will be passed. There is
no alternative. But Senate’s ability to kill a popular
demand on its floor is scary. It shows that even the
Senate is skewed and controlled by a section of the
country that is opposed to any form of restructure.
This is a danger sign. My God! How did we get
here? Are strangers in power in Nigeria? Why is it
that what pleases Nigerians do not please a certain
powerful leaders in Nigeria? Are there really
‘strangers’ in power in Nigeria? Who Are These
Defiant People In Power, are they stranger? Why
is it then, that Nigerians are treated as strangers by
their own people in power. And for many years
things have not actually changed. Many Nigerians
do complain that, right in their own home country
they are treated with less courtesy than strangers?
Some say foreigners are treated far better in Nigeria
than the citizenry. This anomaly has almost left all
Nigerians citizens complaining about the way they
are treated both at home and abroad.
Talking of abroad many can endure such
mistreatment as foreigners in foreign land, but
why should foreigners be preferred for licenses,
jobs, business opportunities and favors that most
Nigerian citizens are qualified for right in their
country? Most of us have been in most of those
nations and have found out that it is citizens first.
From US to Germany, France, Britain to Japan,
China, Korea.. it is their citizens first. They have
no question to answer anybody, for this is the
Children’s bread! Many worry it is rather the
opposite in Nigeria.
God forgive us, how can a nation overlook
its own people? There could be no other reason
other than that strangers are in power in Nigeria.
Remember, where your treasures are there your
heart will be also. “For strangers are risen up
against me, And violent men have sought after my
soul: They have not set God before them” (Psalms
Are Foreigners Making A Kill While Nigerians
Are Shortchanged?: Most Nigerian businessmen
keep narrating stories of how they now give their
monies to Lebanese, Chinese and Indians living
in Nigeria, to import goods for them because they
(Nigerians) could not easily obtain similar licenses
to bring in their goods directly to their country.
It’s acceptable to welcome and accommodate our
visitors but to maltreat citizens while opening
doors and opportunities to foreigners, looks foolish
to me. The general rule wherever we go is Citizens
first. This and similar mistreatments of Nigerian
citizens prove that strangers still bear rule over
our people. Heartless strangers, Chinese, Indians,
mostly Asians are heard maltreating Nigerians in
their own country – whatever happens to citizen’s
privilege in Nigeria.
Leaders Who Do Not Love Nigerians – Are
those the strangers? Those in position who do not
love their own people, but rather turn against them
for tribal or religious reasons are not worthy to be
called Nigerians talk less of leaders of the people. If a
man could not provide for the members of his own
family, he is worse than an infidel – the Scriptures
say. I would rather see them as Strangers In Power
(SIP). Those who loot their nation’s treasury in
favour of foreign countries are not only criminals
but are strangers as well. While the sons remain
dormant about political issues, these strangers will
continue to eat the bread and sip the tea of the rest
of the people. But God forbid! “Now I say, That
the heir, as long as he is a child, differeth nothing
from a servant, though he is lord of all;…But when
the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth
his Son… To redeem them that were under the
law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.”
Galatians 4:1-5 This is the time for Nigerian sons
and daughters to possess their possessions. Happy
Independence Celebration!

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