NEVER say never, especially
when the truism cannot be
measured with other unclear
facts. This is one area of truth in
Nigeria Politics today. In other
to accelerate the best formation
of development in Imo State,
their must be fairness, Justice
and Equality amongst the
people of Imo State, especially
the politicians, the political big
wigs and states men of the state.
Following the complete history
of the state known and called
Imo State, you will agree with
me that the state was created
on 17th March, 1976 from part
of East central State. And after
the creation of Imo State in 1976,
the First Military Administrator
then was Ndubuisi Kanu who
ruled from March 1976 to 1977
as a Military Personnel down
to Adekunle Lawal from 1977
to July 1978 and also Sunday
Ajibade Adinihun sometimes in
July 1978 to October 1979. All
the Administrators mentioned
above from 1976 to 1979 are
all Military Administrators of
Imo state after the creation of
same. After the reconsideration
of the military interjection and
full political consideration, our
beloved brother Sir, Samuel
Onunaka Mbakwe came in as
a Governor of Imo State on 1st
October, 1979 and ruled up to
31st December, 1983 through

It is no doubt that, Sir. Samuel
Onunaka Mbakwe hails from
Okigwe Zone who ruled Imo
State for Four (4) years and Two
(2) months plus. The fact remains
that Owerri Zone had not step its
foot into Douglas House, Owerri
as Governor.
It is important to note that after
Sir. Samuel Onunaka Mbakwe
from Okigwe Zone, the military
step in again from Ike Nwachukwu
in January, 1984 to August 1985
and this military interjection
welcomed about four (4) military
Administrators again in Imo State
from 1984 to 1992 with Anthony
E. Oguguo between the year 1990
to 1992 and another two other
military Administrators from 9th
December, 1993 to May 28 1999.
Though, this was after the
coming in of Evans Enwerem in
January, 1992 to November 1993
through (NRC) as a political party
as at that time. Immediately the
country gained a true democracy
through the light of proper
arrangement of sovereignty in our
country in 1999, His Excellency
Achike Udenwa from (Orlu) Zone
emerges as the 1st Democratic
Governor of Imo State from 29th
May, 1999 to 29th May 2007 for (8
Good Years) uninterrupted from
a political party called PDP. After
His Excellency A. Udenwa who
Governed Imo State for two terms
of 8 years from Orlu Zone, the man
from Okigwe known and called
His Excellency Ikedi .G. Ohakim
came in on 29th May 2007 as the

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2nd Democratic Governor of Imo
State and Governed the state till
29th May, 2011 from same PDP.
After which, His Excellency Rochas
Anayo Okorocha from (Orlu)
emerges as the 3rd democratic
Governor of Imo State through
(APGA/APC) from 29th may, 2011
to May, 2015. And also won as the
Governor of Imo State the second
time from 29th May, 2015 till date.
The simple meaning is that His
Excellency Rochas Okorocha will
rule for another four years from
2015 and will be counting another
Eight (8) years of an Orlu person in
Imo State.
In given a huge boost of my clear
analysis, it is obvious that after the
tenure of the present Governor of
Imo State, it will be convincing to
the public that we the people from
Orlu Zone had ruled/governed the
state for an uninterrupted sixteen
(16) good years, while the Okigwe
Zone had ruled for Eight (8) good
years. For the public who may not
know the Zones in Imo State, we
have three (3) Zones that makes up
the 27 local governments in Imo
State and the Zones are (i) Orlu
Zone (ii) Okigwe Zone and (iii)
Owerri Zone. If you take a close
look at the above analyses, you
will agree with me without any
iota of doubt that the Owerri Zone
have not been allowed to govern
the state for even one (1) day.
From the numbers of population
in Imo State, no doubt, the Orlu
people where I belong seems to
strategically seen as the people

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incharge and mere looking at the
strategical aspects of Imo Politics,
Orlu holds the proverbial yam
and knife and can slice wherever
way he wants (Please read my lips
The liberal minds of great person
from all the Zone should join the
truism of clear act of impurity by
our people and join in correcting
the anomalice of our Imo State
Politics today.
It will be more pertinent to
state at this point that the people
of Owerri Zone are members of
Imo State Zonal Agenda of the
traditional norms of Imo State as
a State. The doctrine of fairness,
Justice and Equality will show its
course if allowed to be obeyed by
our people. The turn of Owerri
people to rule Imo State is now, and
2019 is around the corner, it is the
time for Owerri people to contest
the election of Governorship race
in Owerri.
I do not mind the political party
that will emerge as the winner in
2019, my simple take here is the
fairness of our people from Owerri
Zone. Again, in order to further
reinforce my personal opinion in
this topic, I do not think that it will
be wrong to get an Owerri Zone
to be the Governor in 2019 while
the Deputy Governor and the
Secretary to the government comes
from either Orlu and Okigwe. It
will still not be wrong to share
the positions of speaker Imo State
House of Assembly, the Chief
of Staff and the Deputy Speaker

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amongst the three (3) Zones in
Imo State come 2019. This will
really showcase the real doctrine
of fairness, Justice and Equality
amongst the Zones.
The Imolights need the
commitment of well meaning
Imolights and Nigerians to join
me and all the concerned Imo
people to spread the true and fair
news to our people and all the
politicians in Imo State. Owerri
Zone, arise and pick what
belongs to you, it is your turn,
it is your right and we urge the
present Governor of Imo State,
His Excellency Rochas Anayo
Okorocha to start by picking
an Owerri Zone to succeed him
from APC. I equally urge the
People’s Democratic Party (PDP)
to pick a credible candidate also
from Owerri Zone so as to help
the true definition of Fairness,
Justice and Equality amongst the
tree Zones in Imo State. And can
an Owerri Zone candidate win
sizeable percentage of the forces
that will challenge them if this
two political parties picks any of
them? The answer is ours at the
end of the election the numbers
of the people if well counted
shall determine the winner.
The obvious subsisting
manner of political mathematical
permutation will not be