*Party raises alarm over plot to disrupt convention


IN SPITE of the excitement that trailed
the return of former Vice President
Atiku Abubakar to the Peoples
Democratic Party, PDP, there are strong
indications that he will not be allowed
to cast his vote at the December 9
national convention.
PDP’s National Publicity Secretary,
Prince Dayo Adeyeye, confirmed
to journalists at the party’s national
secretariat in Abuja, yesterday,
that Atiku will attend the national
convention and provision has been
made in the programme for him to
address the over 2,800 delegates.
Responding to a question on the
possibility of Atiku voting at the
convention, Prince Adeyeye said the
response to the question is very explicit
in the party’s constitution.
“All you need to do is pick up
the constitution of the party and see
whether Atiku is qualified to vote or
When pressed further, he said: “First
of all, I can tell you that we are happy
with Atiku coming back to the PDP. It
is very exciting for all of us. It is a good
omen to everybody in the PDP. He
was one of the founding fathers, one
of those who built this party and he
is coming back home. His room was
never occupied, so we have opened it
for him.
“He will be part of this convention.
He will even make a speech, but he

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may not be voting at the convention.”
A cursory check on chapter 2,
Sections 8 and 9 of PDP’s constitution
shows that Atiku and other returnees
are expected to be on probation for
one year and cannot vote at meetings
of the party even though they are
allowed to attend meetings.
The sections which deals with
“Procedure for Rejoining” reads: (8)
A person who desires to rejoin the
party after leaving it shall –
(a) apply to his ward secretary for
re-admission; and
(b) unless given waiver by the
National Working Committee, be
placed on probation for a period of
not less than one year.
(9) Subject to the provision of
Section 8(b), a member on probation
shall have the right to attend all
meetings of the party, but shall not
be entitled to vote at such meetings,
nor shall he be eligible to contest for
elective office on the platform of the
Adeyeye also raised the alarm over
an alleged plan by some overzealous
elements within President
Muhammadu Buhari’s government
to disrupt the PDP convention.
According to him, this is a strategy
by those behind the plot to weaken
PDP over fears that the party may
upstage the APC in 2019 with the
looming mass defection.
“I want to draw your attention
to an issue that bothers us. We
have credible information that
some overzealous elements in the
government are trying by any means
to disrupt the convention; to make
sure this convention does not hold
“They have been trying every
effort but we are happy that we have
no information that it is coming from
the very top. But some overzealous
elements in the administration are
bent on disrupting the convention.
It is a very credible information and
they are doing everything possible
to make sure that this convention is
“They are afraid that if the PDP
holds a successful convention, their
days in government are numbered.
“By the time we hold this
convention and our officers are
elected and they take office next year;
there will be a floodgate of people
even from the APC to the PDP.
“This is a credible information
and we are appealing to President
Muhammadu Buhari to please rein
in his aides. We don’t have evidence
that the president is aware of this.
It is happening and we are calling
on him to do his own investigation
and to call those who are trying to
cause this problem to desist because
it is capable not only of destroying
this democracy, but also capable of
destroying the country.”

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