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Buhari, governors and state debauchery

There have been news reports in recent times suggesting that President Muhammadu Buhari is being pressured by foreign powers to perish his second term ambition. In order words, he should not succumb to professional praise singers and political profiteers milling around him urging him to contest the 2019 presidential election.

In a swift reaction to these reports, the image makers of the president, Mr. Femi Adesina, issued a stern rebuttal dispelling such reports as “fake news”, the latest political lexicon used to demonise the press any time a news item does not favour the ruling government. Expectedly, he interpreted the motive of the news report as an anti-Buhari press for failing to see the great jobs the president has been doing, winning international laurels and applause in the process.

Evidently, there are local pressures or calls in some quarters for the president not to re-contest base on media reports. Though we may not be in a position to confirm any type of pressure from the European Union, United States of America, United Kingdom, etc, discouraging him from seeking re-election, we observe that the image makers and palace musicians around Buhari have the knack for deliberate misinterpretation of good intention or motive, no matter who is expressing it or where it is coming from. Lack of balanced judgement and commonsensical wisdom is the basic feature of any failed government worldwide. Unfortunately, it is this symptom that we are seeing in the present government.

While we affirm that President Buhari has every constitutional right to decide to run or not to run again, we however believe that the voices telling him emphatically not to re-contest are voices of wisdom and truth. If not for anything, for the sake of his health and age factor, anyone who truly loves the president would advise him in good faith to call it a quit.

If that is not sufficient, there is a higher reason for him not to re-contest: statesmanship. It is a blatant lie that Nigeria cannot survive without Buhari. Worst still is the grand deception that he has more to offer this country than any other person can, or than he has already done.

It is very clear that more than ever before since the Civil War, the country is so divided. There is a dangerous trend of ethnic dimension to national and citizen security. The thermometer of the nation’s religious tension is fast rising. What is more, the nascent democracy is moving towards the precipice.

The significance of the office of the president to the well being of the country is way beyond questioning or contestation. It is incontrovertible that the destiny and survival of over 196 million estimated population of Nigeria, its political stability and cohesion, rapid economic growth, guaranteed security of lives and properties, as well as visible infrastructural and human capital development are dependent on whoever occupies the highly esteemed presidential throne. His or her pronouncements, policies and programmes decide the course, progress or otherwise of the nation’s growth and developmental stride.

For instance, what acting President Yemi Osibanjo had done in these few days that President Buhari was out of the country on vacation better explains what decisiveness and vibrant energy in leadership can do to its developmental effort. Under two days, part of the unruly security sector was whipped into line.

The point made by the National Publicity Secretary of Reformed APC, Prince Kassim Afegbua, is quite on target: “This country needs a stronger, younger element that can unify us, go around the country and build bridges of understanding and begin the process of healing the wounds in the land”, adding that the promoters of Buhari’s second tenure are dishonest to the president and Nigerians.

We stand with the above truth and urge Mr. President not to run again. Instead, let him endorse someone else to fulfil his vision because it is sometimes very perilous to want to become a hero too many times.

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