NOLLYWOOD actress,
Adediwura Adesegha, also known
as ‘Blarkgold’ has revealed why
many actors and actresses attend
white-garment churches.
She said most of the actors like
churches where they would be told
what becomes of them tomorrow.
The dark-skinned actress said
many Yoruba actors, especially the
females, prefer attending Celestial
churches to get visions.
She told Vanguard, “You know
people love it when they tell them
visions about themselves. I think
that may be the reason they attend
Celestial churches.
“I might be wrong though.
You know the Yorubas believe
in the power of the spiritual.
Some actresses were born into
the Celestial church while some
She added, “Spirituality has
nothing to do with your mode of
dressing. It has to do with your
“When you talk about being
spiritual, let me just score myself
fifty percent. My morning devotion
is on zero level. I will rather sing.
“I find it difficult to pray and
keep saying ‘Lord do this or that
for me.’

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“Singing is the way I pour my
heart to God. Everybody doesn’t
have to kneel down and pray.
“I might sit down and just
look on a spot for a while and
keep my thoughts connected to
God. It depends on one’s way of
connecting and your relationship
with God.”

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