When it comes to the most impressive and exuberant display of the splendour of wealth, Nkiru Anumudu dusts them all. But the irony of it is that her husband, Willy, the boss of Globe Motors in Lagos is the opposite of it. While Nkiru is known for her Owambe lifestyle, the husband is reclusive and likes to do his things in clandestine. Those close to the opulent couple said that the husband has constantly warned her about her flamboyant and extravagant lifestyle, but his pleas have continued to fall on deaf ears. He was also said to have complained to Nkiru’s confederates but none has changed the convivial and gregarious woman.
With Nkiru’s incorrigibility, source said the husband has now employed a new tactic to reform his erring wife. A close source hinted that most times, in the heat of their argument, the husband batters her in order to bring her to normalcy. And this we heard, has paid off as the showy woman barely goes to parties these days without the consent of her husband.

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