SENATOR representing
Enugu North, Chukwuka
Utazi, has warned politicians
from the South East against
contesting in the 2019
presidential election.
Speaking in Abuja, the
lawmaker observed that the
current political arrangement
of the Peoples Democratic
Party, PDP, is not in support of
the South East producing the
next President of Nigeria in
According to Utazi, “I am not
expecting any Igbo person to
contest for president under on
the PDP platform in 2019.
“Based on truth and fact
on ground, the political
configuration of the party
will not allow for an Igbo
presidency in 2019.
“There is an existing zoning
arrangement between the
north and the south. It will
be foolhardy for the Igbo to
contest in the 2019 presidential
“I know that the Igbo have
bright chances if the north
complete their terms.”

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