More facts have
began to emerge on why
a first time lawmaker
Mr. Aniekan Ukoh was
elected as Speaker of the
sixth House of Assembly
in Akwa Ibom following
the inauguration of the
House by Governor
Udom Emmanuel last
Ukoh’s emergence has
continued to generate
negative feelings
amongst residents after
the lawmakers failed
to agree on two-second
time lawmakers who
were considered to be
interested in the position.
But one of those
interested in the position
Barr. Imeh Okon has
said that the emergence
of Ukoh who represents
Ibesikpo Asutan in the
Assembly was due to
political exigencies.
“Myself and another
person were interested in
being Speaker but at the
end of the day, someone
who wasn’t in the picture
was picked as the speaker
because of the exigencies
of the time, and we
were all satisfied. The
important thing is that,
we want the house to be
stable; we wanted a house
that will serve the people,
not necessarily who is the
speaker or deputy.
“But then there was a
clamour for Uyo Federal
Constituency, that even
though, the speakership
position was zoned to
Uyo Senatorial District,
that within Uyo Senatorial
District, you have some
federal constituency,
and there was glamour
for sub zoning, like Itu
Federal Constituency has
a serving Senator, Etinan
Federal Constituency has
a party chairman, but
nothing for Uyo Federal
“And there was clamour
that, what is left for Uyo
Senatorial District, should
be given to Uyo Federal
Constituency, and we had
to agree, so that we can
move forward,” Okon
The lawmaker
also disagreed with
insinuations that the
new Speaker lacks the
capacity and experience
to lead the House
maintaining that since the
new Speaker has served
as a lawmaker st the
local government level
he has acquired enough
legislative experience to
succeed as a Speaker.
He however assured
that the older members
of the House would assist
and support him to ensure
that the House remained
focused independent and
is not mislead.
On allegations that
former Governor
Godswill Akpabio bribed
lawmakers with N300
million to elect him,
Okon described such as
laughable adding that
Akpabio could not have
nominated him since he
was not a member of the Assembly.
“Senator Godswill
Akpabio, cannot nominate
anybody for leadership
position, he does not have
the right, likewise Udom.
They may have their
preference as individuals,
but that is not to say, he is
the one nominating,” he
The lawmaker further
stated that he was not
desperate to become
the Speaker hence his
decision to support the
newly elected Speaker.
“The truth is that I
believe that it is God who
gives power and gives it
to whomsoever, so there
is nothing to struggle
for. I was not desperate
about it. I give God glory
in all things .That is my
position,” Okon said

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