Cross section of ladies in the federal capital territory, FCT, Abuja has explained why they preferred to wear trousers than skirts especially to and from work.
Some of the ladies, who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria correspondent in Abuja, said that, trousers were more comfortable to wear than a skirt as it protects them from unwarranted exposure of their private parts to the public, as well as to walk freely and smartly both at work, on the road and on transit.
Manager of Psalm Boutiques located at Wuse 2, Mrs. Jane Akachi, in her submission said that she had observed that she always looked smarter in trousers than in skirts or gowns.
“I recall that I was at Banex Plaza during the last bomb explosion and as soon as the explosives went off, I was able to run very fast and escaped from hurt, though not by my making, but to the glory of God, but I was also able to quickly move because I was putting on trousers which enhanced my movement.
“In addition to my smart look in my trouser, my husband prefers me to wear trousers to skirts, because he always admires me more whenever I put them on. He said it brings out the beauties of waist and other shapes as well as my God given curves,’’ she said.
Mrs. Akachi said that nothing, including any church doctrine, could make her stop wearing trousers even when she grew older.
A student of University of Abuja,Miss Diana Ojuar said that she wore trousers for security reasons and for attraction from the opposite sex.
“I like putting on trousers because at times, I go to night classes and come back late and at that time, I will run till I get to my room to avoid any possible attack by some bad people who may be handing on the way.I also wear it to look good and attractive to my admirers,’’ Ojuar said.
She said that her fat legs discouraged her from putting on skirts. “I have fat legs and skirts make me look funny, but trousers cover that for me,’’ she said.
A civil servant, Mrs. Nkechi Anthony said that she wore trousers most times to protect her skin from exposure to harsh sunlight.
“When I look at my legs, I feel so proud because they look really fresh.It is with the help of trousers that I was able to keep it fresh.I do not like to expose my legs to harsh weather conditions, so the best thing for me is to use trousers to cover them.
“Again, when I am sitting down, I don’t have to watch myself or care if my legs are closed or not” Mrs. Anthony said.

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    Sure What is right is right to do and if the house can clean itself by keeping the mandate the people gave them and also pay all workers promptly then, it is a service well done. They should push forward with it and help the state