• LadyRosely

    As usual I will state clearly that no sane woman will go about destroying windows in her husband’s father’s house. It is not your house, plus you cannot be that violent and crying at the same time. Also is you claim your husband is angry with you for no male child, why would he protect the female children from you? Don’t you see that this doesn’t add up. From the stories on other fora which I’ve read on this issue, this Christina girl has a violent past and threatened to kill her daughter. How does someone threaten to kill her own child?? Pls Nigerian Pilot why not ask her about threatening to kill her child?? This lady is mentally ill and she is running like a mad person from blog to blog trying to earn support for her atrocities. I’m a mother and I insist that only a violent woman will destroy a house that Doesnt belong to her. You were trying to kill in Canada and were returned to Nigeria to your family back to the village. Now you want to use the backdoor to sentimentally get reprieve. Why not go to court if you claim that all these happened?? But you wouldn’t go there because of your violent past which has made you a sociopath. It is unfortunate!!! The question to all is …Is this woman sane or not??

    • Babbyboss

      Calm down sir. Mental illness can be treated. I think the families should make arrangements for her to receive treatment instead of all these media shaming!! I pity the girl because a sick person needs treatment not this thing, the media will use her and dump her. By the time she is done all ears will be readying to listen to her official story and I hope it won’t be one of violence as depicted here.