In six months, Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has transformed Rivers State from a pariah state to Nigeria’s giant construction cite where majority of the people, except a few partisans are well pleased with his performance.
He has changed the narrative of Rivers State from a state where things hitherto did not work, to one where everyone, indigene and non-indigene, is competing to ensure the smooth implementation of the New Rivers Vision Development Blueprint.
Beyond his superlative performance as a mobilizer of resources and avid infrastructural development enthusiast, Governor Wike has established a formidable government premised qualification, inclusive governance and deliberate vision to rapidly develop Rivers State.
Governor Wike has set a worthy example for all states of the country by the way he constituted the state’s executive council and the local government councils.
In line with his pledge to always respect the rule of law and take into consideration the wellbeing of all local government areas and residents of the state, Governor Wike appointed 24 commissioners. Twenty three from the 23 local government areas of the state and one representing the non-indigenes in the state.
For the Local Government Caretaker Committees, Governor Wike appointed members of the opposition into each of the 22 local government areas where vacancies exist. The inclusion of the 28 opposition political parties in the administration of the local councils of the state has brought increased stability in the polity for community development.
The 28 opposition political parties through Mr Reuben Favour, Secretary of the Inter-Party Advisory Council, IPAC, commended Governor Wike for his political accommodation and his commitment to including all stakeholders in the development of the state.
Even the security agencies are not left out in Governor Wike’s all-inclusive governance. Since his assumption of duty as Governor, Wike has made available 110 vehicles available to the police and other security agencies for the maintenance of security across the state. He has also provided logistic support to the security agencies to tackle Security challenges in the state.
Like IPAC, the Police High Command remains grateful to Governor Wike. The Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG, Zone 6 Calabar, Baba Adisa Bolanta thanked Governor Wike for his entrenched support for the police through logistics and other investments.
All actions of Governor Wike are tailored towards the development of Rivers State. No action is driven by personal gain. Everything is determined by the overall public good.
During the campaigns, Governor Wike traversed all the local government areas of the state and all neglected communities and stakeholders. He solicited their votes and they elicited pledges from him. He entered into a covenant with the people and that’s why they overwhelmingly voted him.
In his development blueprint, the New Rivers Vision, Wike’s covenant with the Rivers people, the governor stated thus on Page 23: “Our promises are our bond.”
This has been the guiding principle of his administration. Fulfilling campaign promises and setting the stage for the fulfillment of more campaign promises. No part of the state has been marginalised in terms of appointments and projects execution.
The governor engages in periodic consultations with critical stakeholders and they appreciate his approach to inclusive governance. This approach has confounded the depleted main opposition in Rivers State, the APC.
Today, the Rivers APC that earlier accused Governor Wike of not being friendly with non-indigenes are the ones organising press conferences wherein they claim that Governor Wike’s inclusive governance should be condemned.
However, the truth is constant. Governor Wike is governor to all. Rivers people, indigenes and non -indigenes, voted for him and he made a solemn pledge to be fair to all, irrespective of their affiliation or origin. Governor Wike brought down the riverine and upland dichotomy through his political sagacity and he has used his political engineering skills to integrate all stakeholders in his government.
He has lifted Rivers State above the murky waters of under-development foisted on it by the immediate past administration of the APC. This is the reason why the leaders of the Rivers APC are restless making baseless allegations to stay relevant. However, Wike’s development train has since left the station and can no longer be stopped. On board are development loving indigenes and non-indigenes who are happy that Wike is Governor for all.

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Nwakaudu, Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor on Electronic Media wrote in from PH

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