Every young woman who desires marriage wants an ideal man. But when some folks hear about a younger woman marrying an older man, they automatically think that she is a ‘gold digger’. But, aside from the fact that love is ageless, they are neglecting some amazing reasons why marrying an older partner is a good idea.
Many have said that marrying an older man is delightful as it offers delectable experiences. Some have even compared such marriage as the taste that one has while eating a tasty apple or a sip of a spoon of honey.
According to Monica Johnson, 32, who has been married to her spouse 21 years her senior for five years now, such marriage is not only a bundle of joy, but is protective of the young woman.
“Look he will cheer, love and treat you like the precious pet that you are. Older men married to younger women come with a lot of goodies. For one, he cares better than younger men who are most likely to flirt and disappoint you. As a younger woman, your marriage is secured and you are given rest of mind because the older man adores you and wants to keep a companion that will tend to his needs as he grows older.”
Luqman Ado, who is 63 and married to Umma, 30, said such marriage is a sort of insurance to both parties because the woman wants a man she can count on and perhaps a little stable materially, while the man needs a woman who will cater for his needs as time goes by.
“Well, we live in a world of uncertainty so having a partner that complements you as one grows older is divine. In our society, it is not strange for a younger woman to marry a much older man because she wants some sort of social and economic security, while the man needs an essential companion.
“So, both are complementary to each other and the benefits of such marriage weigh heavily in favour of the woman. That explains why even in advanced countries, very rich persons would prefer to marry younger women even when there are many widows willing and ready to be joined to them,” he said as a matter of fact.

It is ideal if you don’t want children
If you have decided kids aren’t for you, you may have a difficult time convincing a younger partner to accept this idea. An older partner who was previously married and has children or who has had time to contemplate children and knows with certainty he doesn’t want little ones, may be the ideal match for you.
Older is sexier… Sometimes
It is one of those unfair facts of life, but when a man takes care of himself, he can actually look better with age and more distinguished. He is also likely to be great in bed though not with the same energy of the younger man. According to those in the deal, much depends on the younger woman’s sex drive and enthusiasm. If she is dynamic and balance in her sexual demands, the older man will respond with equal zest. No wonder they say the older the better and more refined in the acts of sex.

Less likely to play games
An older partner has, you would hope, already sowed their wild oats and is in the market for a more serious relationship they can take seriously. Though the older couple can play planks, there is however some reservations. He is likely to want to engage in creative thinking and educative discussions. He would prefer to sit and talk on seemingly aimless but very engaging discourse.

You are the younger woman. Game over
You know that joke about older men chasing younger women? Well, then, look in the mirror. The benefit of being younger than your spouse is that, as vain as it sounds, it can be an incredible confidence booster. The younger woman takes charge; driving the man, initiating almost every move and act and generally ensures that he does not lag behind. The younger woman suddenly becomes his mother, mistress and sometimes an advisor on most issues.

You can learn from your partner
The greatest lesson we can learn in life is how to be present. Many older men and women have figured out that you have to stop and take pleasure in where you are right now instead of constantly racing to get to the next place in your journey. It also doesn’t hurt that you will hear stories about another period in time that is unfamiliar to you. You will always feel like you are learning.

And they can learn from you
Don’t think that, just because you have less life experience, you don’t have as much to offer — nothing could be farther from the truth. Maybe your youthful exuberance inspires your spouse to try things he/she thought he was long past attempting like skydiving or just taking a cooking lesson. Or, perhaps, you are opening his mind to explore new ideas and concepts that were taboo when he was younger. Your mind and experiences are equally as important and valued as his.

Good, no great sex
A more experienced and matured partner knows exactly what turns them on and takes mental notes about what turns you on. An experienced sex partner is often a patient, loving and experimental. And that means you both get to go to bed every night with huge smiles on your faces.
Additional report from www.msn.com/relationship