Those who are at home with the
unemployment data in Nigeria
have always insisted that more
than 70% of Nigerians are
unemployed. This means that
the percentage of the working
population is negligible. The
available statistics clearly
indicates that there are more
dependants in the country which
can genuinely be put at about
three hundred million people.
This unarguably is the reason
why there is always great outcry
in the country there are instances
of nonpayment of salaries.
Even during instances of delays
in payment of salaries lots of
Nigerians suffer the consequences.
This means those that affected
are not just the workers but all
the dependants of the working
population which are several times
more than the workers.
It is for the purpose reducing
the percentage of unemploynent
in the country that the federal
government as well as other tiers
of government have continued to
encourage Nigerians to take to
agriculture. This is a deliberate
attempt to address the challenge
of unemployment. The government
has come out with agricultural
policies to encourage Nigerians to
take to farming.
The federal government has also
come out with facilities to enable
people take to farming. The primary
aim is always to make Nigerians
self reliant and self employed in
the area of agriculture. Lots of
Nigerians are said to be proud
beneficiaries of these employment
Also for the purpose of
employment, the federal
government has introduced another
scheme, National Directorate of
Employment, NDE, with the sole
aim of training the youths to enable
them become self employed. A good
percentage of university graduates
have benefited from this initiative
and they no longer complain.
They are doing well in the various
trades in which they acquired their
One Nguher Achagh, a lady
who got trained in welding and
fabrication informed that during
her training it was strange to most
of her mates as she was training
herself in a trade chiefly regarded
as a trade for the male gender. She
told Nigerian Pilot that as a welder
she no longer disturbs her people
for financial assistance even as she
assist her parents in their financial
Interestingly, it is part of the
government efforts to reduce
unemployment in the country, that
the federal government through the
Federal Ministry of Communication
Technology in partnership with
Taraba state government put
together a training which trained
3000 youths in the state. The
training was aimed at preparing
participants mostly youths on how
to access jobs online and using
Information and Communication
Technology, ICT to make their
While speaking at the opening
ceremony held at the Taraba State
University Auditorium, the Taraba
state Commissioner for Science and
Technology, Mr. Alhassan Hamman
disclosed that the programme
was in line with Governor Darius
Ishaku’s determination to create
jobs for the teeming youths of the
state. He believed that the youths
of Taraba state would benefit
maximally from the training.
ICT, the commissioner noted was
today ruling the world and urged
participants to take the training
very seriously to make their
living as he stressed that with ICT
the youths stand to make between
1000 and 4000 dollars monthly.
Hamman maintained that the
government of Taraba was ready
to do more for the people of the
state as he added that plans were
on the way to develop the capacity
of youths to meet the challenges
of the information world. He
called on the youths of the state
not to hesitate to embrace the
programme which would not
only make them self reliant but
equally comfortable Nigerians
whose stories have changed.
Permanent Secretary, State
Ministry of Science and
Technology, Mr. Amos Wamai
while commenting reiterated the
position of the state government
to provide jobs for the youths,
adding that the programme was
aimed at creating a platform for
participants to access jobs online
and make a living using ICT.
According to him, “With the
advent of technology there is need
to train youths to be abreast with
challenges of information and
communication technology and
this is what we are in partnership
with the federal government
to make our youths useful to
themselves and the society.”
Wamai who urged the
participants to take advantage of
the opportunity provided by the
government and learn the skills
at the workshop provided to help
them in their endeavours noted
that people with the relevant
knowledge on ICT were already
benefiting from it.
Given the efforts of the
government in the provision
of employment and as well as
making Nigerians self reliant,
it is hoped that if the tempo
is maintained more Nigerians
would benefit and that would
in turn means the dependency
ratio would reduce even as
the country’s economy would

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