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With The Guardian, Alex Ibru came, saw and conquered



When the Guardian hit the newsstands in July 1983, it was not the result of some publishing house’s efforts. It was because a reputed businessman, Alex Ibru wanted to have a newspaper that will have a modern outlook for the Nigerian society. Each newspaper has it some agenda. The Guardian came with the sole agenda of dignifying the lives of the people of Nigeria.

The newspaper thrives on the belief that it is solely the government’s responsibility to work towards a dignified life of its citizens. Apart from providing respectable living conditions, it also has the job to provide them with equal opportunities to grow as a human being.  For instance, while you may love to try your hands on Yanga Bet on lazy weekends or when you are free, you need always to be updated about what’s happening around you. It’s newspapers like The Guardian that helps you do that. However, they can do that only when there are some great journalists and even more engaged citizens.

A Look at Ibru’s Career till Now

Alex Ibru was an ardent newspaper reader from his school days. As a successful businessman, he was amazed by the way newspapers acted as the bridge between the government and the people and business enterprises. He realized that newspapers could be used for creating an agenda for citizen welfare.

By far, the Guardian has been the most influential of all Nigerian newspapers. The clear vision of Ibru assisted by a talented team of editors, reporters, and illusionists led the newspaper to be regarded as the forerunner of the journalism revolution in Nigeria. The newspaper carefully collects, analyses and interprets the events happening around Nigeria. When we look into its foundation, we find a dynamic and young Ibru who knew how to invest his money carefully.

The Guardian and Its Controversies

If you arel ooking to bring around change, there will be hurdles along the way.

If you thought this newspaper had an easy journey, then buckle up your seat. This newspaper has faced its own share of troubles. Nigeria faced a military coup in 1993. As is well known, during that period, the worst suffered ones were the journalists. With the guardian being a leading daily, its journalists faced lots of troubles. The military-appointed Alex Ibru as the internal affairs minister. But this did not stop them from banning the newspaper. It was banned till October 1995.

Nearly rising from the ashes, the newspaper relaunched its online version in 1997. From being merely a copy-paste version of the hardcopy, it upgraded to an interactive edition in 2004. It included the opinion polls, comments option and so on.

Following the death of Alex Ibru in 2011, this newspaper has undergone considerable administrative restructuring under lady maiden Ibru. In 2015, the online version of the newspaper was outsourced. Now, you can get news from the Guardian via Facebook, Instagram, and all other social platforms. It is really heartwarming to see Alex Ibru’s dream shining brightly at 35!

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