For the inability of missionary schools to improve the schools handed over to them five years ago in Enugu State, the leadership of the Nigeria Union of Teachers, NUT, Enugu State wing, has called on the state government to take back the management of the schools.
The teachers, who are piqued that the churches were not able to meet with the terms of agreement reached in 2009 during the handing over of schools to the missions which are said to be original owners of the schools to improve facilities and welfare of the teachers, want them taken back by the government.
State chairman of NUT, Comrade Ozor Paul Nnaji made the call in an address marking the 2015 Teachers’ Day celebration at Okpara Square, Independence Layout, Enugu.
According to Nnaji, it was stipulated that government would continue to pay teachers who teach in those schools for five years before the churches take full charge of everything, but there are indications that the missions are not living up to expectation.
“These agreements were to last until 2014, a period of five years when the church or voluntary agencies concerned were expected to take over fully. In view of the fact that up till now churches have not been able to bring about tangible improvement in the schools handed over to them, we are hereby calling on government to take back the schools or post government paid teachers trapped in these schools to public schools in order to reduce the problem of lack of teachers.”
Nnaji also asked among other things that government should employ more teachers to fill the gaps created by deaths and retirement of teachers, lamenting that teachers were being over-stretched in that some teachers are made to teach two classes in the primary schools while many secondary schools lack adequate teachers for science subjects such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
The NUT boss catalogued the problems of the teachers to include non-payment of retirement/death benefits (pension and gratuity) to the retired teachers and next of kin of the deceased teachers.
He also asked that government should release outstanding promotion of teachers as well as increase their retirement age from 60 to 65.

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