Ayo ‘Wizkid’ Balogun has
slammed international awards
organisers for giving African
artistes their plaques backstage.
The singer issued the criticism
on Wednesday during a media
parley aired live on Uganda’s NBS
Wizkid is billed to perform
in the East-African country this
When asked about the treatment
of African artistes at international
awards, he explained why he
doesn’t attend such events.
“This is why I don’t go for those
shows,” he said.
He said the only way African
artistes can elevate their status
internationally and attain
recognition is by demanding
This, Wizkid said, can only be
done “by not taking nonsense
from anyone trying to give us
awards backstage. That is what
I do. I don’t take nonsense from
anyone that tries to look down on
Africa or African entertainment.
“So if you are not going to show
us the same love you show your
international artistes on the main
stage, then don’t show us no
love at all. We don’t want it. We
have our own people and we are
content with our own people”.
The Nigerian also apologised
for failing to honour his initial
invitation to perform in the
The singer explained that his
absence was due to contractual

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