There was a mild drama on Friday when a woman, Mrs. Opeyemi Ayegboka, 40, who had initially sought a divorce, on Friday, broke down in tears and pleaded with the court not to end her marriage, instead to give her husband a second chance.
The woman, who had been married for 20 years, burst out in tears in the court insisting that she still love her husband, and begged the Ikare Akoko Customary Court to step down her initial request stating that she would work hard to sustain her love for her husband and rebuild the marriage.
Mrs. Ayegboka had approached the court seeking the dissolution of her 20 year old union with her husband, Omotayo Ayegboka, a 42 year-old farmer.
She had sought dissolution of the marriage because her husband was threatening her life, and further accused him of wickedness, lack of proper care, frequent fighting and desertion of their matrimonial home.
However, while giving evidence in her case, Mrs. Ayegboka suddenly burst into tears, and pleaded with the court not to dissolve the marriage but warned the husband to change from his bad habits.
According to her, she is ready to take the defendant back as long as he will not disturb her peace again and follow her to church and move nearer to God.
In his defence, the defendant, Omotayo Ayegboka denied beating his wife and stated that he has been living up to his responsibilities as husband and father according to his financial status.
He promised to change for the better if the court could prevail on his wife not to go on with the divorce case.
Omotayo told the court that the woman is still the person he loves and he is ready to go to church and give his life to Christ.
The court in its judgement observed that from the statements of the partners, there is still love between them and more so, when the plaintiff had urged the court to give the defendant a second chance.
The court President, Mr. C Bakare with whom was Mr. S S Rotimi ordered that the two should go back home and continue to live together as husband and wife in peace.
It was also ordered that the defendant should no longer disturb the peace of the plaintiff and that he should follow her to the church.
The marriage is blessed with four children, ages 19, 15, 11 and 3 years respectively, with the first three being males and last female.

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