SHE is a firm believer and activist
on women matters. Adaora
Onyechere, is an enigmatic, mind
gripping broadcast journalist.
Her intellectual foray gives
Kaakaki the African Voice on
African Independent Television,
AIT, the edge., She is the
producer and presenter “Gender
Agenda”. She has continued to
champion matters of interesst
to youth and women driven
intervention to the fore. Adaora
is the Coordinator of Deep
Talk a Mentoring Group which
reaches out to young women
between the ages of 15 – 45. She
is referred to as a Passionate and
a Visionary. She is a definitive,
quintessential, Intelligent and
a remarkably people oriented
trail blazer of our time. In this
interview with Danusa Ocholi,
the award winner of international
and intercontinental repute spoke
decisively why women should
come out exploring the voices in
synergy. Excerpt
Has government not done enough
to bring women to the public
notice and attention?
I will not have denied the
fact that over the years, that the
various governments, local and
international policies on women and
gender mainstreaming especially in
Africa have been given attention,
yet it is still obvious that we are
still far from an all-encompassing
The issues are strung together,
a hybrid of some sort that cannot
work without the other hence
a deliberate intentional plan to
deal with the issues holistically.
The areas of governance, political
participation, decision making,
education, financial literacy and
empowerment, access to quality
healthcare, justice, domestic
violence and cultural and religious
bias are the most pertinent issue.
Set aside the MDG goal 5 which
focuses on gender what are the
states and the local governments
doing to consistently raise the
bar on implementing some of
the recommendations of national
policies on women, are these women
even aware of these policies? We
do not even have data centers that
focus on women development and
research like we have in countries
like Rwanda and Ghana.
Is it not possible for women
to come out and raise the bar
themselves, possibly work the talk
even as we know it will positively
impact the economy?
The truth is, we do not see how
unequivocal this is to the economy
especially as we have close to 70
percent of the rural farmers, who
are farmers yet have no access to
innovative agricultural literacy
especially as it also regards to climate
change and post war conditions. I
do believe also that the media just
like the other institutions should
look at the affirmative inclusion of
detailing issues on gender answers,
raising awareness on tropical and
untold angles of the issues that
bedevil women. The media is
made up of 57 percent of women
in its practice and over 70 percent
in some media organizations, yet
it is not enough to have statistical
representation but to have these
numbers resonate into actions,
exploring the voices in synergy.
Women are powerful and the
potential and population of any
country depends on their class of
gender. It is time we women rise
up and take the responsibilities
of a refined, rejuvenated Nigeria
into our consciousness. We are
the largest class of voters, we
should also begin to decide to
vote only gender endorsing
leaderships, signed into a legal
binding tender before and during
campaign and implemented after
elections. We have also the charge
to begin to pull our capacities
and resources together amongst
us women, building, mentoring
and encouraging amongst us
the entire can do spirit and the
support needed to take leadership
positions. It is up to see past
the aesthetic differences, get
rid of the class bridge, expand
opportunities for one another and
begin to open our doors and our
minds to one another.
Thanks for talking to us.
You are welcome