Since creation, gender inequality has been in existence. Even in democratic societies such as our’s, a system that accords equal freedom to all citizens, gender discrimination occurs in all aspects of our life. One area this practice is so pronounced is politics.
Most men think that it is not the best role for a woman if she wants to have a peaceful family or home. In other words, it is pretty difficult for women to combine politics with carrying out their matrimonial duties as wives and mothers. Most men are therefore skeptical about choices women or their wives make regarding allegiances when it comes to gender issues among men and often doubt gender representation within representative democracies.
It can be recalled that in America, women have right to be political leaders, just like in other decent societies. When it comes to honesty, intelligence and a handful of other character attribute they value highly in leadership, the public rates women superior to men. Despite the increasing presence of women in American politics, gender stereotypes still exist. Regardless of their political persuasions, men are still expected to perform better as politicians than women.
Mr. Omotosho Babtunde, who is a civil servant in Abuja said, for women to involve themselves in politics is bad idea because women are only meant to be at home and take care of their husbands and children.
“Politics is not women’s job. It has been and will always be for man. Women are meant to take care of home as well as their children while the men go out and look for the daily bread for the families. As I am now, I will never allow my wife to take part in politics because so many things are involved that are not fit for women.
“if I allow her, it then means that both of us definitely have become men of the house and there is no reason seeing her as a woman because she will not have my time talk less of time for our children and that is not what I want”, he stated.
While to another, Mr. Linus Igwe , who is a civil servant, men an women are part if the changing world and in this modern society, the role of women should b considered as a crucial one given the fact that women, right from history, have played and have continued to play important roles in world history. “It depends because this is a modern world and to me , I do not think that it is proper for one to set a limit for a wife, sister or a daughter.
“If my wife wants to be involved in politics, I will give her a go ahead. Gone are the days when women are being addressed as ordinary category of people. Things have changed and I think that it is high time we men stopped our conservative reasoning whether women should be in politics or not. The most important thing is for us to be reasonable. We have seen how women are changing the world through positive contributions.
“I think it is very welcomed idea for women to be permitted and encouraged to join active politics because when you look at our population here in Nigerian, women’s vote is actually the largest. They vote more than the men but at the end of the day, that is in terms of governance, their rights will be taken away on account if gender inequality.
“In line with the current change mantra if the present administration, if you we want a genuine change, we must include women as part of that change. You cannot eat your cake and have it intact by not allowing women to participate in politics. At the end of the day, men will dish out sone, policies and laws that are not favourable to women. It is high time women should be given full chance to participate, just like men”, Mr. Linus Igwe, posited.
However, Mr. Uche Okoro, a legal practitioner said that, “while it is an avenue to give women opportunity to develop their potentials and grow, I may not allow my wife to be involved in politics because if I allow her, it is going to affect her role as a mother and the upbringing of the children.
“I married her to take care of me, our children and my house, and not to be running up and down all in the name of politics”, he stated.
Another respondent, Mr. peter Iwu, said there is a need for women to be involved in politics because there is a role they need to play adding that both man and woman have equal right. Politics, according to him, was not made for men alone.
He said, “I will allow my wife to be involved in politics, because there are certain important steps they can take that may not be convenient for men. It is the work of everyone, both man and woman but it is just that in Africa, especially here in Nigeria, women are seen as unimportant in politics. I will not be jealous if she succeeds in politics, as long as she is submissive to me. It doesn’t really matter to me.
“I see the success of my wife as mine. I will rather give her my full support because I have succeeded in my own field. I will like her to succeed in her own as well, so she is free to join politics, that is, if she wishes to”, Joshua Okediji, said.
Based on what majority of the men have said, I think women should be given a chance to participate actively in politics in other to balance democratic practices in Nigeria.

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