SOME workers in Ekiti State have called on Governor Ayo Fayose not to drag them into partisan politics “under the guise of International Women’s Day” expected to hold in Ado Ekiti yesterday. The Enlightened Workers Forum, EWF, said the programme was a surreptitious way of dragging the female civil servants into partisan politics. In a statement on Sunday by its coordinator, Mike Bamidele, EWF said the workers wondered why millions of naira would be spent on the women’s day when they were being owed arrears of six months salaries. The EWF pointed out that extant civil service rules forbid government workers from participating in partisan politics, warning them not to appear at the rally so as not to be dragged into murky waters of politics. According to the group, the payment of arrears of salaries are more important to the workers than the women’s day, lamenting that the children of many female civil servants dragged into the rally had been sent away from schools over inability to pay their school fees. “Why is the government selling customised Ankara clothes to female civil servants who are being owed arrears of salaries? Why are female civil servants being asked to attend the rally with their voter cards? What is the correlation between women’s day and voter cards? “To the best of our knowledge, the women’s day scheduled for Wednesday, March 8, at Oluyemi Kayode Stadium is being clothed in the garb of a political rally to be used by one man to trumpet his political popularity. “Why is the state resources being wasted on a jamboree that has no bearing on the welfare of workers? Is this not commencement of campaign ahead of 2018 governorship election which is a breach of Electoral Act 2010 (as amended),” he queried.

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