On the occasion of Eid-el-Fitri celebration, the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria has urged Nigerians, especially the Muslims faithful, to remain self-disciplined, work for the progress of the country and accommodate every Nigerian irrespective of their religious orientation as these appear to be the only recipe for development.
In a statement signed by the TUC president, Comrade Bobboi Bala Kaigama, he stated that country need to submit to the will of Allah in the belief that only Him can help to overcome the prevailing challenges in the country no matter how difficult they may appear at the moment.
According to him, “The crux of the lessons of Ramadan celebration includes: the readiness to make sacrifices in the interest of others, willingness to fulfill promises and to implement agreements. We expect that the celebration should humble every Muslim in particular and Nigerians in general in their service to God, and then the public.
“One of the things fasting does is that it humbles you and helps check acts of ungodliness. It is rather unfortunate that what we have had over the years is that people claim a form of godliness during fasting, but turn otherwise on its completion. The leadership of our dear country and politicians have a lot to learn here, and we encourage them to do so. This is the period we must match our words with action.
“When we reflect on Eid-el-Fitri it should remind us that as a country, we need to be upright and honest if we must measure up with other nations of the world. We all should understand that our purpose in life here is to live in obedience to our Creator’s will and make other people happy.
We all must take advantage that the celebration has provided to pray for the return of peace in the country; an end to terrorism and every form of disasters and the gross waste of our national assets by the militants.”
He however said that Peace and development are like Siemens twins, which is what is needed to have the Nigeria of our dream.

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