National Complementary and Alternative Medicine Association, NACAMA, has urged international agencies, federal and state governments to fashion out programmes that would improve household diets in order to stem the spate of diabetes.
National President of NACAMA, Prof. Peter Katchy, told journalists yesterday in Onitsha, Anambra State, that the current spate of diabetes was affecting people in the active working age bracket.
He noted that it has become necessary for agencies and government to initiate conscious programmes that would compel a vast majority of Nigerians to “eat and drink right for the prevention of the ailment. It should be a diet that contains the essential elements in proper proportions for health and vitality.
“A healthy breakfast should help the blood sugar level against getting too high and should keep you full through the morning,’’ the NACAMA boss said. He advised Nigerians above 35 to routinely go for blood sugar test, urine analysis and other diabetes related checks, adding that it was not difficult to recognise the symptoms of diabetes, but it is important to do appropriate tests for confirmation.
“Such symptoms as frequent urination, great thirst, gradual weight loss and weakness, mental depression, restlessness and inordinate appetite, dyspepsia (indigestion) and lassitude.
“Non specific symptoms are the appearance or exacerbation of cramps in the calves or feet particularly at night. Some patients complain of loss of appetite, but others develop a craving, particularly for sweet food,’’ he said.
He, however, urged diabetic patients to carry a wallet card or wear an inner tag indicating that they were diabetic so that in emergencies their doctor could be reached immediately or any other doctor can restore him/her to normalcy.
“The little card should have a bio-data of the patient including name, address and telephone number where possible,’’ he said.
Theme of the World Diabetes Day from 2014 to 2016 is “Healthy living starts at breakfast’’, which focuses on starting each day right by having a healthy and well-constituted breakfast.